Benny Simanjuntak (Indonesian Music Producer) Brings a Grammy Award Winning Team and 2 New Artists to Hollywood

Sandy Simangunsong - Atik Naho

Music is the universal language that brings people together. Sample Music Entertainment of Hollywood along with Sample Artist Management Indonesia brings “Batak” (traditional Indonesian folk music) to Hollywood.

Producer Benny Simanjuntak brings 2 big power ballads: “Atik Naho” meaning “if you” (Batak style) sung by Sandy Simangunsong and “Sang Hawa” sung by A.J. Daniel, both composed by Andre Litz (Asia’s Got Talent finalist).

These two Indonesian songs were recorded by Tom Weir (Grammy award-winning engineer) along with his team of world renowned musicians with credits of Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Blake Shelton, Santana, etc.

Tim Pierce (Guitar)
Matt Laug (Drums)
Anna Kostyucheck (Violin)
Paul Bushnell (Bass)
Lee Thornburg (Brass)

Benny strongly believes these songs, “ Atik Naho,” composed by Tagor Tambupolon, and “Sang Hawa” composed by Contoh Management Team will add marvelous value to the international music movement. Benny just launched a big Hollywood press conference in Los Angeles for “Atik Naho” and "Sang Hawa”. Both music videos were filmed in Lake Toba, Indonesia and now available online everywhere.

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Mixnon Andreas Simamora

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