Safety Dynamics' Advanced Portable Gunshot Detection Solution SENTRI II Successfully Deployed in Baltimore by Beeper Communications and Mantaro Networks


Beeper Communications, Israel and Mantaro Networks, Inc. have successfully deployed the first portable/mobile versions of the Safety Dynamics’ SENTRI II, Gunshot detection systems, in the city of Baltimore. The deployment marks a milestone in the advancement of this proven public safety technology, by allowing the standalone gunshot detection systems to be completely portable using Beeper’s advanced wireless cellular bonding solution, the IE 5000 Multi-WAN Channel Bonder. The IE 5000 delivers high capacity broadband connectivity where and when needed by the user.

“Integrating the Beeper IE 5000 bonded Cellular platform to the SENTRI system has resulted in a real market disruption in the industry…” said Sally Fernandez, CEO Safety Dynamics. Fernandez went on to say “...SENTRI II changes the game for gunshot detection technology. Safety Dynamics now has a complete standalone portable system, with power and network connection that offers gunshot detection and surveillance, anytime and anywhere you need it.” Unlike competing GSD solutions, each SENTRI unit operates independently and does not rely on a larger matrix of sensors. This provides superior reliability and significant cost savings for the end user. The integration of bonded cellular wireless communications adds unmatched flexibility, as the units are now untethered from any reliance on fixed wired infrastructure such as fiber or cable resulting in significantly reduced deployment costs.” Through the IE 5000 SENTRI II offers the end users link aggregation, bonding, load balancing and redundancy, assuring highly reliable and secure data and video transmission.

Unlike competing GSD solutions, each SENTRI unit operates independently and does not rely on a larger matrix of sensors. This provides superior reliability and significant cost savings for the end user.

Sally Fernandez , CEO Safety Dynamics

Beeper’s IE 5000 cellular bonder is the leading anywhere-to-everywhere wireless Comprehensive Communication Device (CCD). “There is a clear and rapidly growing need for GSD solutions, as many major cities continue to experience gun violence on an epidemic scale. The flexibility that the portable SENTRI II provides is unprecedented in the industry. Competitive solutions are expensive and can require months of test and validation which adds to expense and can strain municipal budgets,” said Fernandez. “Our new solution, SENTRI II, that we have jointly developed, is rapidly deployable and immediately operational … and now can be moved at will to the areas most in need of this deterrent technology saving both time and money,” states Moshe Levinson, SVP Business Development and Special Situations, Beeper Communications.

Safety Dynamics is an industry pioneer specializing in gunshot detection, camera and acoustic surveillance and other analytical sensory technology and warning systems. The SENTRI solution uses patented acoustic algorithms identifying the precise location with plus/minus 1 degree of accuracy. Alert and notification is delivered directly to the user within less than 1 second of an event. The system immediately geo-locates the event and will plot it on a map, which can be integrated with the user’s command center or Network Operations Center (NOC). The current project is an extension of a 2015 pilot project with the City of Baltimore. The addition of the SENTRI II portable version of Safety Dynamics advanced acoustic surveillance analytical sensory technology with Beeper’s communications solution will enable further efficacy and strategic use of the systems. For example, the City of Baltimore can now deploy quickly for “one-off” events, such as the Preakness, that occurs once a year. Events and concerts such as the one at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas or unplanned events can now be protected more effectively and on short notice. “SENTRI II could have detected the glass breaking at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas within less than 1 second and provided the precise location of the shooter enabling security personnel to move in more quickly and more accurately to apprehend the shooter,” said Fernandez.

Mantaro Networks provides best in class engineering services for the project working closely with all partners from the manufacture of the system itself to the installation. Mantaro already sells and supports the Beeper and Safety Dynamics technology in the U.S., and will also incorporate enhanced automatic testing and emulation software. This “24/7 Health Check” further improves upon the existing system’s maintenance, monitoring and control capabilities.

The Companies will expand the program with 4 other US city projects in the Northeast and Midwestern US. The next deliveries are scheduled for January of 2018 to the City of Houston.

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