Mantaro Networks Releases First Intel Agilex System on Module (SOM)

​Mantaro announced today the release of their first Intel Agilex based product, the Intel Agilex System on Module (SOM). This SOM incorporates the latest 10nm Agilex AG014 FPGA with P-Tile and E-Tile transceivers on a 5.45” by 6.85” (13.9 by 17.4 cm)  printed circuit board to create a high-performance computing (HPC) and networking platform. The SOM module provides x8 PCI Gen4/Gen3 connectivity and 16 transceivers with up to 28.9Gbps NRZ or 8 transceivers with 57.8Gbps PAM-4 via two mezzanine connectors. The module supports 2 dual-rank 72-bit DDR4 (RDIMM/UDIM) memory slots for high-performance applications. The module also integrates 4GB DDR4 on-board memory, 32GB eMMC storage and GiGE Ethernet interfaces for the Agilex ARM Host Processor Subsystem (HPS). A single micro USB connector provides debugging and monitoring capabilities including integrated USB Blaster II.

Mantaro also provides carrier card options for the SOM to create complete Agilex development platforms for networking centric applications with support up to 400 Gigabit Ethernet. Mantaro has also successfully demonstrated the operation of their high-speed Ethernet FPGA IP cores at speeds up to 400Gps on the Agilex development platform against multiple third-party test equipment. 

The Agilex Development Platform is ideal for applications such as high-performance computing, Artificial Intelligence, 5G Wireless, signal and image processing, Agilex evaluation, and for direct integration into white label OEM products.  

The Agilex development platform is available immediately from Mantaro. Data sheets and additional information about this and other Development Platforms are available on Mantaro’s website or by email at

About Mantaro

Mantaro designs and manufactures a range of FPGA centric products from development platforms to specialized system components for the satellite ground station industry. Mantaro also offers FPGA intellectual property cores, customizable hardware platforms for FPGA developments and associated signal processing applications.

In conjunction with FPGA centric hardware products and IP cores,  Mantaro provides a full range of product development services including analog, digital, and RF  hardware design, FPGA design, embedded system development, and RFI/EMI design consulting. Our technical staff is comprised of highly talented professional engineers with a history of successful product development and innovative design experience.  

Mantaro maintains its headquarters and lab facilities in our Germantown, Maryland location. Mantaro’s lab environment fosters the continual professional development of our staff and allows us to leverage our collective development experience and established methodologies to reduce both the time and costs associated with delivering high-quality products. Mantaro maintains ISO 9001 compliant processes that are based on our commitment to excellence and grounded in maintaining a close partnership with our clients throughout all phases of a project.

Source: Mantaro Networks Inc.

About Mantaro Networks Inc.

Mantaro provides a full range of product development services and specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) custom product development. Development services include analog, digital, and RF hardware design, FPGA design, embedded and application software

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