Mantaro Networks Inc. Releases the OceBot, an Urban All-Terrain Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

OceBot UGV

Mantaro announced today the release of the OceBot unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). The OceBot is a four-wheeled UGV with a rugged carbon fiber chassis. It is equipped with four-wheel drive and specialized wheels (patents pending) for navigation in urban terrain. The UGV can climb over obstacles and ascend or descend stairs. It comes standard with four cameras allowing 360-degree visibility of the surrounding environment. The cameras are equipped with a switchable IR filter for use in low-light situations with IR illumination. IR illumination allows camera surveillance without giving away the UGV's presence. The front camera can be remotely controlled to tilt up or down for uses such as under-vehicle inspection. 

The OceBot UGV is 30 inches long and weighs just 17 pounds, allowing it to be easily transported. The OceBot can be lobbed where needed and can withstand drops of up to 6 feet. The OceBot is self-righting and automatically configures cameras and controls for normal operation whether it lands "right side" up or down. An onboard 250Wh battery provides run times of up to eight hours. Battery packs can be swapped in under 30 seconds, allowing rapid redeployment.

Communications and control of the OceBot is available via an integrated cellular modem or Wi-Fi radio. When connected via cellular, the OceBot can be controlled and the cameras monitored remotely from anywhere.

Additional OceBot information including contact information and data sheets are available at or call us at 301 528 2244.

About Mantaro

Mantaro specializes in robotic products, Internet of Things (IoT) custom product development and FPGA intellectual property cores, customizable hardware platforms for FPGA developments.

Mantaro provides a full range of product development services including analog, digital, and RF hardware design, FPGA design, consumer and industrial electronic enclosure design, motion component 3D CAD design, embedded system development, and RFI/EMI design consulting. Our technical staff comprises highly talented professional engineers with a history of successful product development and innovative design experience.

Mantaro Networks Inc. maintains its headquarters, model shop and lab facilities in Germantown, Maryland. Mantaro maintains ISO 9001-compliant engineering and manufacturing processes that are based on our commitment to excellence and grounded in maintaining a close partnership with our clients throughout all phases of a project.

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About Mantaro Networks Inc.

Mantaro provides a full range of product development services and specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) custom product development. Development services include analog, digital, and RF hardware design, FPGA design, embedded and application software

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