Mantaro Announces Release of 400G and 200G Ethernet FPGA IP Core Solutions

​Mantaro announced today the release of their 400G and 200G Ethernet FPGA IP Core Solutions. The Ethernet Core IP Solutions offers a fully integrated IEEE802.3bs compliant solution for use in core networks, Ethernet switching, Ethernet test equipment, and network interface card (NIC) applications. The Ethernet cores implement an efficient architecture to achieve best-in-class resource utilization and performance metrics for targeting the complete 400Gbps Ethernet solution in various FPGA device families. Mantaro has independently verified their 400G and 200G compliance and interoperability with commercial test equipment and 400G capable Ethernet switches. Mantaro has also demonstrated functionality on their recently announced Intel Agilex FPGA System On Module (SOM) and 400G carrier hardware.


  • 400GBase-R PCS core with RS-FEC(544,514) KP4 FEC.
  • 400Gbps MAC core with streaming user interface.
  • Technology dependent transceiver wrappers for NRZ/PAM4 SERDES transceivers.
  • RMON block for statistics counters.​
  • Synthesizable packet generator/checker for quick bring up and standalone verification of 400G Ethernet solution.
  • AXI4-Lite or Avalon-MM based fabric for host interface register access.
  • Linux based APIs/tools for configuration of the 400G Ethernet cores and gathering diagnostic statistics.
  • MDIO and I2C cores for optical module control and status.

About Mantaro

Mantaro, established in 2001, brings technology expertise in diverse fields and a highly experienced engineering staff to the product development and consulting services segments of our business. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company with well-documented processes and quality management. Mantaro started as a provider of Product Development and Consulting Services including hardware, software, FPGA firmware engineering and program management. We serve a Broad and diverse range of industries including satellite communication, networking, test and measurement, consumer electronics, industrial and government to name a few. Mantaro has a wide range of clients from startup to well-established companies, universities and the U.S. government.    

Mantaro has been in the IP core business for more than 14 years.  Developing a Tri-Mac Ethernet core that was followed up quickly with 10G and 40G cores, Mantaro was one of the first few companies to develop a 100G core and make it commercially available in 2009 on 40nm process node for both Xilinx and Altera (now Intel) FPGAs. We have continued to develop and optimize the cores with new generations of FPGAs, developing three area and latency optimized versions of 10G cores and 25G cores in the process.

The 400Gbps and 200Gbps Ethernet FPGA IP Core Solutions are available immediately from Mantaro. Datasheets and additional information about all of our IP Cores and our Development Platforms are available on Mantaro’s website or by email at

Source: Mantaro Networks Inc.

About Mantaro Networks Inc.

Mantaro provides a full range of product development services and specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) custom product development. Development services include analog, digital, and RF hardware design, FPGA design, embedded and application software

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