Rock West Composites Releases Details of Major Facility Expansion With Increased Filament Winding Capability

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​​Rock West Composites (RWC) announced in late January details of a major expansion project at their Salt Lake City facility. The project involves a significant investment in both manufacturing space and equipment, designed to help drive the company's strategic growth plans. RWC has added a third manufacturing bay with 20,000 square feet of new space that will house a range of added equipment and work areas for staff.

RWC officials say the expanded space provides the company an opportunity to grow filament winding operations, which will be facilitated by two new winders and an oven capable of accommodating large parts. The focus on winding capabilities is in direct response to current customer needs and future projections of increased production volume and demand for long, large diameter tube parts.

In an official announcement explaining RWC's expansion, VP of Business Development and Marketing Tom Preece said, "We're always looking ahead to anticipate customer needs. There is a definite need for this capability among many industries, so we are investing for the future."

At the heart of RWC's new equipment inventory is a TITAN-1-4-8M-FLEX filament winder capable of winding tubes up to 30 inches in diameter and length in excess of 22 feet. The winder is complemented by 60 new mandrels. It is currently set up for tow-preg winding.

RWC's expanded space is set to receive a new 6-spindle winder in the near future as well. It will be similar to another winder currently in operation. Together, the two winders will increase the company's high-volume manufacturing capacity in conjunction with a high-power, long-stroke mandrel extractor and a new oven. The oven, designed to accommodate large-format tubing, is already on site and should be operational shortly.

Making the expansion complete is the addition of a wider selection of large diameter filament-wound tubing stock products. RWC now offers more than four-dozen diameter and material combinations to provide customers cost-effective, off-the-shelf options.

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Rock West Composites is a California company that specializes in carbon fiber composites and other composite products for a variety of industries. The company stock products including tubes, plates, prepregs, and more. RWC also offers custom products and services including prototyping, product development, and engineering services. Their manufacturing capabilities cover the full scope from filament winding to bladder molding and modified closed mold processes. Headquarters are located in San Diego with additional facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Tijuana, Mexico.

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Rock West Composites is a composite materials and manufacturing provider based in Salt Lake City, UT. With operations in San Diego, CA and Baja, Mexico, the company carries an extensive selection of composite materials from carbon fiber to Kevlar.

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