Robert Mao Has Been Confirmed to Be BitForex's New Adviser

Robert Mao

BitForex has recently connected with the most influential and experienced professionals and companies in the crypto-world in order to build a strong board of advisers. BitForex has just confirmed Mr. Robert Ma has joined its advisory board.

Mr. Robert Mao, Founder and CEO of ArcBlock, Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and innovator. Mao’s projects and activities have been covered widely by global news media, including TechCrunch, CNN, USA Today, and other outlets. Mao was introduced to Bitcoin in 2009 and has been researching and experimenting with blockchain technology since 2013. He has spoken about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology at events around the world.  

Prior to beginning his own start-up, Mao worked for Microsoft Research’s Future Social Experiences (FUSE) labs, a research center focusing on social computing and machine learning. Prior to joining Microsoft Research, he worked for Microsoft Europe’s Global Product Development unit, where he led a team that built one of the first mobile traffic management applications to run on a 3G network.

Before joining Microsoft, Mao founded Lodesoft Corp and UUZone Interactive Inc. in China. The latter was the leading Voice Over IP solution at the time, and one of the first social networking services in China. He also co-founded the nonprofit Seattle Entrepreneurship Club, which is now one of the largest entrepreneurship organizations in the Pacific Northwest. 

Mao has authored more than 30 conference papers, journal articles, and publications, and also owns several patents. He is a graduate of Southeast University in China.

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Source: BitForex

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