Renowned Artist Christophe Piallat Takes Over Canterbury Records Cornerstore With Fantastical Installations

Installation and sculpture artist, Christophe Piallat, takes over Pasadena record store with fantastic installations. Exhibition titled, "What Lies Inside, Stays Inside" will run until October 1st, 2016.

Exterior of Christophe Piallat's "What Lies Inside, Stays Inside."

Piallat is showcasing and evolving his extraordinary, environmental installations, sculptures and photography work until October 1st, 2016 at Canterbury Records Cornerstore

Multi-media photographic and installation artist, Christophe Piallat has brought his organic, delightfully strange artwork to Los Angeles and the vast world of fine art. Following a very successful opening on July 7th, Piallat’s new exhibition, What Lies Inside, Stays Inside, will continue to take up the historic Canterbury Records storefront in Pasadena, due to popular demand. As a high-end storefront exterior, with the fantastical installations found inside, Piallat’s first solo exhibition is fascinating those who walk and drive by. In addition to his installations, the exhibition features new photographic work and sculptures which draw viewers in from the window front. What Lies Inside, Stays Inside is an evolving installation in such that Piallat will continue to grow, morph and adjust the exhibition, gradually creating new experiences. This process will also be continuously documented until the closing of the exhibit over the next few months.

A Los Angeles based artist with a history in film, stage building and commercial art, Piallat got his start in the art world in the early 90’s as a travel and documentary photographer. Using photography, light and creative experiences, he developed his unique style, referred to as “Living Photography.” Using foil, paper, wood and plastic to manipulate light in his own unique way, Piallat constructs installations that reflect on his photographic skill and often take on a geological form. His pieces effectively reorder light, creating an inviting sense of mystery for all viewers.

With a Masters of Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute, Piallat has been part of multiple solo and group exhibitions including an installation in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and San Francisco Airport Museum, the Natural World Museum, 2015 SCOPE Basel, 2012 1st International Biennale of Santorini, and 2010 Holland Paper Biennial at the CODA Museum. He has also been published in several international and national publications and art anthologies. In the fall of 2016, he will participate in the Lumina Light Festival in Cascais, Portugal, where he will feature a large-scale installation inside the Cathedral Igreja dos Navegantes.

What Lies Inside, Stays Inside is on display until October 1st 2016 at 805 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena CA.  Learn more about Christophe Piallat by visiting his website,

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