Ready for the World Smallest and Most Stylish Camera Up to Date?

Cloud Eye Live Camera

Are you tired of carrying your office projectors and cameras to every other meeting in different cities? What about the trouble of loading multiple cameras, awfully huge in sizes, to every trip for recording the moments — let alone the hustle of uploading captures to share with the world on social networks and sharing platforms.

What's needed is one magical creation - Cloud Eye Live Camera. Cloud Eye Camera is the world's smallest live camera up to date. It offers more style in less size. A camera that is suitable for any multimedia crises that going through, whether it is at the office or vacations or channeling. Name it, and Cloud Eye Live Camera will be there to comfort you.

The uses of Cloud Eye Live Camera are endless. It can be used for personal as well as official means. It comes with an application through which you can monitor 20 of these beauties so as to support multichannel live broadcast. The application can also upload the results as fast as your normal clicked picture from a smartphone to any of the social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. All the pictures and videos are just one click away from publishing.

With the nanotechnology, no sweat and dirt after sport can damage its functioning. This means you can dive into the ocean with this device setup and come back the other side with your whole experience on tape. How does that sound?

Now coming to specs, Cloud Eye adopts a clever design that combines everything into one device which is only 15x15x35mm making this device the world smallest camera. Its 2 Mega Pixel optical glass lens lets you record high-definition and high-speed pictures and an experience like never before. Its built-in wireless network connection leaves you to not sweat about any cables carrying for the data transfer at all; just a straight connection through the Wi-Fi.

All in all, it can be the coolest thing you'll ever own. This product is now on IndieGoGo. Send your messages on the official website to get early bird prices. Or click here to IndieGoGo.

Source: unbox-lab

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