Rate-Highway Joins in Groud-Breaking Collaboration With SwitchForce Global


Rate-Highway, the leading provider of revenue management solutions for the auto rental industry, is proud to announce its collaboration with SwitchForce Global, a revolutionary provider of central reservation systems and global distribution for the ground transportation travel industry.

The two companies recently created a new systems standard for recreational vehicle revenue management and reservations. Rate-Highway’s flagship RateMonitor® revenue management system is being coupled with SwitchForce Global’s Starburst central reservation system using a newly designed set of application programming interfaces (APIs). The synergy allows the two systems to achieve an extraordinary level of communication. This powerful coupling of technologies will provide SwitchForce Global users an unparalleled level of rate and revenue management intelligence and functionality currently unavailable in the recreational vehicle rental industry.

The users of this new technology will realize a new ease in rate management tasks and unparalleled availability of revenue generating insights heretofore unmatched in the industry

Michael Meyer, President, Rate-Highway

The focus of this effort, recreational vehicle rental market, is currently greatly under-served in both reservation distribution systems and revenue management.

About SFG

SwitchForce Global empowers ground transportation, outdoor hospitality, and recreational equipment businesses to create a unique collective venture.  By being at the right place at the right time, SwitchForce Global is in the unique position to service a perfect blend of business process knowledge with leading technical solutions. SwitchForce Global’s core focus is the power of worldwide sales and distribution channels for the highest possible yield in advanced reservations and in revenue.

About Rate-Highway

Rate-Highway is the leading provider of automated rate positioning technology for the global auto rental industry. Rate-Highway has been providing rate gathering technology to the auto rental industry since 2002 and introduced the all-inclusive, ground-breaking RateMonitor®​ automated rate positioning product to the auto rental industry in 2004. RateMonitor®​ is a full cycle rate gathering, analysis, and correction solution that ensures client fleets are always competitively priced and result in the highest revenue possible.

Source: Rate-Highway, Inc.

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