Rate-Highway Announces RateMonitor Elite, the Most Powerful Revenue Management Tool in the World

The #1 Pricing Tool for the Car Rental Industry Just Got Better!


Rate-Highway, the global leader in revenue management software for the car rental industry announced the release of RateMonitor® Elite, the most powerful and straightforward version of RateMonitor ever created.

RateMonitor Elite is the world’s best platform for providing real-time market data, analyzing and allowing you to make quick, intelligent pricing decisions to optimize revenue. Elite analyzes demand and pricing trends faster and with fewer steps – producing custom pricing easier than ever before and saving even more time while increasing revenue.

"Increasing revenue has never been this easy! We have made it simpler and faster for our clients to increase revenue and save time with RateMonitor Elite," says Chris Mitrision, Lead Product Manager at Rate-Highway.

Throughout RateMonitor Elite, users will notice a cleaner, sleeker design that's more intuitive and organized. We've added features and abilities which enable users to quickly optimize their rates. We've engineered a ground-up rebuild, allowing the use of the most modern technology and allowing for constant innovation in the months and years to come.

About Rate-Highway
Rate-Highway is the leading provider of automated rate positioning technology for the global auto rental industry since 2002 and introduced the all-inclusive, groundbreaking RateMonitor® automated rate positioning product to the auto rental industry in 2004. RateMonitor is a full-cycle rate gathering, analysis and correction solution that can ensure your fleet is always competitively priced and that you are earning the greatest possible revenue.

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