Rate-Highway and Fleet Consulting Association Partner to Empower Car Rental Agencies to Determine Best Vehicle Strategies

Collaboration Enables Companies to Make Personalized Purchasing and Sales Decisions to Ensure Maximum Profitability in Both Rentals and Sales


Rate-Highway, Inc., the original and proven world leader in car rental revenue optimization, and Fleet Consulting Association, Inc., a provider of decision-making intelligence and technology for fleet and car rental industries, today announced they have partnered to provide car rental providers with crucial business decision-making tools. By integrating Rate-Highway's RateMonitor Elite, the "best in Class" car rental rate management system, with the powerful Fleet Valuation System, vehicle rental agencies will be able to confidently answer some of the most important questions in car rental, including "What type of fleet would be most profitable in my market?" and "When is the best time to sell a vehicle?"  

"We are thrilled to announce this partnership," said Roger Zakharia, CEO of Fleet Consulting Association, Inc. "Car rental operators can now experience the power of Rate-Highway's revenue optimization while simultaneously accessing relevant fleet valuation critical to planning and achieving strong profit margins in real-time."

Car rental has always been two pieces of a puzzle: one is pricing rentals optimally to drive revenue, and the other is selling the car at the optimal time to further increase revenue. Never have two companies worked together to provide a complete solution to both. Using market intelligence, current pricing, and utilization data, combined with current resale market data from JD Power and Manheim, a car rental operator can now optimize their fleet mix for both rental and sales. Using this collaboration, car rental operators can also easily determine the best time to move a vehicle from the rental fleet to sales, enabling them to maximize the revenue from both sides of the car's lifespan.

"The pandemic and car supply shortage over the last two years has really taken a toll on car rental operators," said Michael Meyer, President and co-founder of Rate-Highway. "This collaboration gives operators the tools to ensure they are in the best position to ensure maximum revenue generation." 

About Rate-Highway

The original and proven world leader in car rental revenue optimization since 2002, Rate-Highway has helped more brands grow to prominence in the U.S. than any other car rental technology company. Rate-Highway's proprietary technology offers the first real-time business intelligence tools for optimizing Web and Global Distribution System (GDS) pricing. Rate-Monitor analyzes competitor rate information and automatically corrects GDS, Web and reservation system rates based on strategies controlled by the client. To learn more about how to take advantage of the joint offering, visit:  https://www.ratehighway.com/rh-fca 

About Fleet Consulting Association

Fleet Consulting Association (FCA) is a specialized association providing services and business solutions to the car rental and fleet industries nationwide. FCA works with car rental and fleet professionals to help them with asset building, fleet planning, and insurance solutions. Through Cosmosboard, FCA also offers information technology solutions geared for the industry and IT support and software systems development. For more information, visit https://fcaus.org

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