PureVPN and DigiFlak Are Now Partners - the Digital World Just Became a Little Safer

PureVPN and DigiFlak, two security front runners in the IT industry, have partnered and are introducing a one-stop, low-cost, high-end, and extremely portable security solution for internet users across the globe.

​​PureVPN, one of the most prominent rulers of the VPN industry, has once again practically displayed its commitment to digital security, data encryption, and online privacy. By entering into a partnership with the next-gen security-provider DigiFlak, PureVPN has opened new avenues for other companies to partner with PureVPN and give their products an edge over their competitors. 

The partnership is the most practical display of how PureVPN, when coupled up with a device such as DigiFlak, ensures security miracles. Users get 100% security against hackers, data snoopers, third-party surveillance and much more. This is why PureVPN offers businesses to come forward and become partners with the company to utilize its flexible API and take their products to a whole new level. This partnership will allow Flak to become the world’s first-ever product to guarantee 100% online privacy and security to Internet users all over the world.

"Our aim has always been to provide each and every internet user a completely secure digital environment, which is why we extend our services to industry-leading hardware providers like DigiFlak"

Faraz Khan, Product Manager

The founder of DigiFlak Maxim Kostin said:

"We are proud to partner with PurPVN. We believe that our customers would benefit immensely by getting access to the world's fastest VPN services available in 141 countries. PureVPN would be available soon for Flak customers via Flak Store".

PureVPN and Flak – Two Names, One Vision

Flak protects computer-held data of business as well as individual users against harmful threats such as hacking, spying, ransom ware and so on. Flak is a tiny dongle that keeps users’ keys, passwords and certificates in a protected and safe hardware environment.

PureVPN, on the other hand, offers an intangible service, but one that offers users something very similar; a secure internet experience. DigiFlak and PureVPN have been able to collaborate because PureVPN’s infrastructure is extremely flexible and offers the capability to work with just about any Internet device to take users’ privacy and security to the next level.

PureVPN Taking Over the World by Storm, Thanks to its Highly Flexible API

Thanks to PureVPN’s high-end infrastructure, more and more big names from the IT industry are partnering with the VPN Company. Thanks to the highly flexible, open source API and SDKs, developers only need to initiate a few tweaks here and there for PureVPN to gel in with Internet devices like it was developed for those devices.

While Others Are Demanding Encryption; PureVPN Users Are Already Protected!

Thanks to the recent brouhaha over encryption, internet users are gradually getting more and more aware that their online privacy and security are extremely important. The ever-increasing need of encryption is why users are opting for PureVPN, as it gives them security and privacy on every App, such as e-mails, browsers, chat software, VoIP calling and so on.

About PureVPN

PureVPN is a global name in the VPN business with its huge network of 550+ servers installed across 140+ countries. PureVPN users get security against hackers, data-snoopers, unauthorized surveillance, DDoS attacks, IP leaks and more. Other businesses can integrate PureVPN within their product line to give their product a competitive edge.

Source: GZ Systems LTD