An Open Letter From the CEO of Vanquish Marketing Group

Vanquish Marketing Group is excited to share the growth and positive changes happening within the company. Check out the open letter written by the CEO Chris Thomas highlighting the recent updates.

"As we are making our way into the third quarter, I am excited to give an update of where we stand and how the goals we set in January 2016 are progressing. 

 We are expanding our clientèle in the Health and Beauty department. This is very exciting growth for the company and can open up even more opportunities for us as a business. Just recently we added two new clients to our portfolio, it's extremely exciting to be the face of their brand. With these positive developments and the opportunities that they create, we look forward to other future prosperities to come. As we continue to cultivate new clientèle, it's equally important to us that we continue to represent our preexisting clients with the same intentions. We are fortunate to provide the clients with resolutions and help to guide them while still allowing them to shape their vision. We are happy to be a resource our clients can turn to in order to "crack the code" and get the job done. As a company we hope to continue to move in this positive direction while keeping the same professional vision and relationships intact. 

We set business goals at the beginning of the year and one of those goals was to grow and expand the business itself. We are very excited to announce that we are half way to meeting our goal of expansions for the year. We recently completed our 2nd expansion all the way in New Orleans, LA and as we start to venture out of the Western United States, we are excited to take on the challenges of the rest of the country with different demographics presenting their own set of challenges. This is another example of what makes us a valuable part of the clients' business model. We hope to maintain our strong relationships we have built with them during our growth by hitting major goals no matter the location, demographic, or time of year. Marketing is a very unique skill-set and we have worked hard to build a team of successful and driven individuals. Every client has very different needs and expectations and it's up to us as a company to customize and tailor to whatever those may be.

 As we move through the end of 2016, the pressure is on to keep up with the demands and goals we placed as well as those placed by the retailers and the clients. We strive to provide the best opportunity for personal growth and development for our team members. As a company we believe we are only as strong as our team and the goals we have. It's so motivating to go to work every day among such a diverse group of people. The positive impact they have made on the company as well as on all those in the leadership roles is incredible. It is so wonderful to see they hold themselves accountable to achieve the goals they set and when someone is struggling to do so, they work as a team to accomplish them and don't blame others for their hardships. Once they are able to overcome those challenges, this accountability allows them to take all the credit and accolades of success, as well as with our company. We are so proud of all of their achievements, this makes us very excited to see what the future holds for us as a business."

About Vanquish Marketing Group

Vanquish Marketing Group is a high-performance marketing firm with years of experience in the promotional events industry. Their skilled team of branding specialists has the talent and training to design on-site promotions that generate lasting brand growth, impressive consumer engagement, and increased revenues. As a result, they have built a reputation of success and flexibility that has allowed them to expand into new regions and customize consumer events to meet specific client objectives. Their dedication to core values has separated Vanquish Marketing Group from their competition, and their commitment to excellence means that they will continue to help businesses expand and grow.

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