Premium Flooring Retailer Launches Three New Color Hardwood Options

Leading Midwestern hardwood flooring company releases new color options for home and business owners.

Unique Wood Floors, a Minnesota-based retailer of premium flooring, has announced the release of three new color options for its popular Cicerone engineered hardwood collection. The new color options include Pilsner, Saison and Porter.

"We had such good feedback on the Cicerone Collection, these 3 colors just had to be added. They were inspired by our current industry-wide top sellers,” said Unique Wood Floors CEO, Winston Zheng.

The engineered hardwood used in Cicerone flooring features an engineered structure designed with a premium substrate, which gives it unparalleled durability. Because of its stability, it can be installed over any hard surface. This flooring is designed with the consumer in mind providing a matte finish, wide plank, and wire brushed texture.

Hardwood flooring both expands and contracts with humidity changes which can lead to warping and cracking in extreme cases. Cicerone engineered hardwood is much more resistant to humidity and temperature changes, so you can be confident it will hold up for the long haul.

There are so many options from which to choose with Cicerone Collection's engineered flooring. All these colors are built with style and quality in mind. The thick 3.4 millimeter top layer allows for an enhanced wire-brushed texture which removes soft spots in the hardwood. This gives the French Oak top layer a higher durability than ever before. You do not have to sacrifice look and feel to get the strength and longevity that comes with engineered wood.

About Unique Wood Floors

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