Particle Health's Sandbox Solution Wins Award in U.S. Health Department Data Competition

The Synthetic Health Data Challenge invited proposals for enhancing the use of Synthea, which simulates realistic health records for testing

Particle Health is proud to announce that its Sandbox solution has won a third-place prize worth $10,000 at the annual Synthetic Health Data Challenge.

Particle Health's award-winning solution is a Sandbox that enables a realistic testing development environment that can be accessed via API. Developers can build and test with synthetic health data, and seamlessly transition from the risk-free simulated environment to working on real patient information without changing any underlying infrastructure used in development.  

The Synthetic Health Data competition is hosted by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The competition focuses on finding optimal ways to leverage the synthetic health data generator Synthea, which simulates patient medical histories to advance healthcare.

"This national competition was a great opportunity open to companies and individuals to build upon tools that can improve our understanding of healthcare and enable our healthcare system with insights that can lead to better health outcomes for individuals," said Parker Bannister, Particle Health's data scientist who competed in the challenge. "This was also an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge and Particle's Sandbox to the test to see how it stands amongst others in the industry."

"It's really important to have a safe place to build and test on top of the growing national network data formats - we found that nothing really exists to allow for this," said Troy Bannister, Co-Founder and CEO of Particle Health. "This project was a massive opportunity for Particle to build out a sandbox environment with loads of realistic synthetic patient data, to enable innovators to come and experiment with what is quickly becoming the de facto way to access patient data across the U.S. It's also pretty cool working with my brother on impactful projects like this one."  

Synthetic healthcare data is worked on by a relatively small community, which shares a common goal to improve healthcare through innovative tools and resources that can help doctors and scientists deliver optimum care. 

Particle Health will be using the $10,000 winnings to invest in a spring engineering internship program. 

To learn more about the award-winning project and access Particle's GitHub Repository, visit Particle Health


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