Intelligent Relations Announces New AI-Driven Coverage Analysis and Journalist Recommendation Features for Its Platform

These new features, including AI-based coverage tagging and outreach recommendations, will help professionals streamline outreach and target only the most relevant journalists

Intelligent Relations

Intelligent Relations, the AI-powered public relations company, announces several new features for its proprietary software, Preston, that will help communications professionals and in-house marketers better interact with journalists and secure coverage. 

These features, built on 15 different fine-tuned and custom-built AI models, enable a deeper analysis of journalist profiles and understanding of relevant media. The goal is to facilitate more targeted pitching and better relationship-building with journalists while eliminating the practice of “blasting pitches” to a broad and often irrelevant audience. 

Preston’s advancements come at a time when companies are increasingly integrating AI in communications processes. In fact, 68 percent of PR pros say AI would be most impactful for researching and building lists of relevant journalists. 

The newly introduced features use machine learning to provide professionals with deeper insights into journalists’ current preferred coverage topics, resulting in up to double the usual level of engagement from journalists and editors. Through recursive learning and fine-tuning, this technology can tailor results to companies’ specific needs and data. 

New features include:

  • Up-to-date journalist recommendations  - Categorizing journalists based on topics they cover, dynamically updated in real-time as coverage goes live
  • Regional coverage analysis - Categorizing journalists based on the geographic regions they cover, with regular AI-driven updates that change as their focuses change
  • Deep coverage attribute analysis - Analyzing millions of articles to get specific details of what journalists cover and include in their writing, with 20 categories covering everything from gift guides and product reviews, to expert interviews, citing data, and more
  • Lookalike journalists - Suggesting similar journalists based on 1,500+ points of similarity so users can easily connect with journalists most likely to cover the same story
  • AI-generated bios - Concise, PR-focused bios that give a summary of journalists’ focus based on commonly covered topics and social media profiles, with regular automatic updates 

Steve Marcinuk, co-founder and general manager of Intelligent Relations, said, "Our goal is to redefine the way companies view pitching journalists. AI is making it possible to create a deeper understanding of the media and the people shaping it. We’ve integrated those insights gained from AI into Preston to provide users an unprecedented look into the stories and storytellers that move the media. We believe these insights will help journalists and professionals alike by ensuring campaigns are always relevant to the intended audience."

About Intelligent Relations

Intelligent Relations was established in 2020 by a team of serial tech entrepreneurs and PR pros who recognized the transformative potential of artificial intelligence within the communications sector. Leveraging extensive expertise in technology and public relations, Intelligent Relations has embarked on a mission to shape the future of PR, evolving the way businesses connect with journalists and media. The Intelligent Relations team includes 60 team members in 15 countries.

Source: Intelligent Relations