Particle Health's API Platform Now Allows for Real Patient Data and Visual Records

Additions to the company's portal let treating providers improve patient care

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Particle Health, an API provider of healthcare data, announces a pair of new additions to its developer portal that will help optimize patient care. Taken together, these features accelerate provider adoption of FHIR APIs without replacing a full API integration.

Within Particle Health's no-code API Console, medical professionals without coding experience can pull actual records for patients who they are actively treating. In the past, developers have only been able to test Particle's platform with synthetic data - the inclusion of real patient data lets providers make individual queries on specific patients without straining IT resources.

In addition, Particle Health has unveiled an improved visualization component for its FHIR Record Viewer that allows developers and providers to more easily see the data they're working with inside the portal. This will make the platform easier to use for real-world situations and provide an instructive experience for new developers.

"These innovative new features to our API Console will immediately boost the level of care that medical providers can give to patients throughout the country," said Particle Health's CEO, Troy Bannister. "With our portal's simple and intuitive design, more healthcare professionals will be able to access critical data with unprecedented speed."

Particle Health's easy-to-use API platform makes healthcare data more accessible for treatment purposes. By giving users access to records from over 300 million covered lives across the United States all in one place, Particle's HIPAA compliant portal acts as a single, secure access point for the data healthcare providers need to treat patients at scale.

Access to the live API Console is strictly limited to qualified providers, who can only pull data in Particle's portal if they have a certified treatment purpose of use for a patient they're actively treating. This allows providers to have a one-stop shop to easily access any patient's medical history across the U.S.

And as for the portal's visualization update, it will allow users to quickly see timelines, charts, tables, and pie graphs that map out a patient's history in a more straightforward manner. It also includes the addition of a metrics dashboard where users can immediately view the number of queries they've made on the platform.

Both of these features are foundational to what Particle plans to continue building upon. Expect more search functionality, data visualization, and patient insights in the future.

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Founded in 2018, Particle Health has built the integrations and APIs that enable a modern, seamless data experience for healthcare companies.

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