Parody Music Video by Forrest Twins Introduces Humpty Dumpty's Cousin, Lil' Tronny Dump, to the Public

What happens when two brothers who live in the politically charged nation’s capital decide to poke a little fun at history-making impeachment hearings? In this case, the result is a music video released in December by the Forrest “Twins” starring Humpty Dumpty’s distant cousin, Lil’ Tronny Dump. It is the first in a series called Make America ImPEACH Again by the video production company Wreckcreationz Productions, a subsidiary of Money Brothers LLC.​

The animated parody video – which is available on YouTube and at - tells the story of Lil’ Tronny and his love for walls, walls that Humpty warns him will cause him to “have a great fall.” The brains behind the song are not who you might expect. Forrest Smith, Jr. and Gordon Smith III – aka Forrest Twins - are look-alike African-American brothers who grew up in Baltimore, taught themselves three foreign languages, graduated from Maryland universities, and served in the U.S. Army. 

“We’ve been front and center to the drama that is American politics our entire lives. It’s not every day that a president is involved in impeachment proceedings so we wanted to capture this historic moment and build a parable around the situation in a fun yet impactful way from our unique point of view,” said Gordon.

“The adventures of Lil’ Tronny Dump will continue in future videos and frankly, our political system will give us content for a lifetime,” said Forrest, Jr. “Lil’ Tronny even has his own Twitter page.”

The ever-entrepreneurial Forrest Twins are also in the process of building a language-learning app called Word Of Mouth Language Trainer that they say will outdo similar apps by introducing the user to text, audio, video and the “lips of the speaker.” It is a continuation of their mission to improve communication among all people through the power of language and song.

“Our music video and all of our endeavors seek to use historic events and societal issues as a basis for sharing our perspective, reinforcing the importance of free speech, making people laugh and educating them on current events and potential ramifications of those,” added Forrest, Jr. “We hope the public will find the adventures of Lil’ Tronny relatable and engaging and share our video and future videos with their own networks.”

For media inquiries, contact: ​Forrest Smith at or 240-788-2519

Source: Money Brothers LLC


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