Parents Want the Jaw-Dropping Truth

On October 13, local Dallas doctors attend a lecture regarding Sleep Disordered Breathing that can cause underlying health issues.

​Your child’s health?  The answer is right under your nose.  But who knew what was happening - When the jaw drops backwards?

Local MD’s are learning this Thursday, how to identify Sleep Disordered Breathing traits in their young patients and what to do about it.


Thursday evening Dallas, Ft. Worth doctors and medical professionals will learn from the #1 leading expert in the field of children’s health in Sleep Disordered Breathing, Orthodontist, Dr. Earl Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO joined by Dr. Jill Ombrello, DDS of Dallas.   Pediatricians, ENT’s and Family Doctors are invited Thursday evening for an educational evening with a cocktail/dinner party with presentation at the Dallas Farmers Market.  

Doctors and parents appreciate an affordable, non-pharmaceutical, pain-free and permanent treatment plan over treatments that can only offer a band-aid type alternative.   

Local parents should bring their children on Saturday afternoon for a free evaluation to see if they are candidates for the HealthyStart™ treatment provided by local certified doctors.

DALLAS, TEXAS: Introduction and Presentation

          When:    Thursday - October 13, 2016

          Time:     5:30pm Dinner / 6:15 Lecture

          Where:  Dallas Farmers Market
                         920 S. Harwood, Dallas , TX 

DALLAS, TEXAS: Lecture Series

          When:    Friday - Saturday - October 14 - 15, 2016

          Time:     8:30am - 4:30pm & 8:30am - 2:00pm

          Where:  Dallas County Dental Society
                         13633 Omega Road
                         Dallas, TX 75244           

DALLAS, TEXAS: Patient Day
(The free evaluations are scheduled on Patient Day)

          When:    Saturday - October 15, 2016

          Time:     2:00pm - 4:30pm

          Where:  Central Dentist
                         10210 North Central
                         Expressway #100
                         Dallas, TX 75321           

Register for event: 

1-844-Kid-Healthy   -or email-

Dr. Earl Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO                                                            

Meet the ‘World Changer,’ Inventor / Founder of OrthoTain™ and HealthyStart™ treatment for STRAIGHT TEETH - NO BRACES and so much more. Lecturing for doctors and their staff to help their patients with comprehensive solutions to many conditions that might otherwise follow them through life if not treated while they are still young enough to make permanent corrections.

Who Knows? 

Most parents don't know, but can easily learn how to identify this Silent Crisis.   Nine out of ten children are affected and these children could be helped and treated permanently, if only their parents knew.

Sleep Disordered Breathing

This epidemic has a name and it is Sleep Disordered Breathing. Common sleeping traits of children may appear harmless or possibly characterized by a parent as just the way "They Sleep".    Snoring, mouth breathing, occasionally waking up with nightmares or just restless sleepers are serious outward symptoms that parents need to understand and realize that they indicate that there are serious underlying conditions affecting their child's ability to breathe and sleep properly.   Parents see that no matter how long their child sleeps, they always look tired, dark circles under their eyes, fall asleep in school, in church and watching TV. Almost 1 in 5 school age children are still wetting the bed, why? Some kids grind their teeth or wake up with headaches. 

Why would a child have chronic skin or breathing allergies, struggle in school on subjects like math, science or spelling?  They may be seen as anything from a day-dreamer to hyper active and ADD/ADHD enters the conversation.  Aggressive or defiant behavior brings a label of ‘That Kid’ and doctors reach for their best-known resources to help. 

And by the way, why do some children just end up with crooked teeth which could result in extractions and braces for years.  Why do some children carry these traits into adulthood and end up wearing retainers all their life due to orthodontic relapse or required to use a C-pap machine because they suffer with Sleep Apnea?  

Connecting the Dots

Understanding the outward symptoms that children exhibit and connecting the dots provide parents the signs that their child possess underlying conditions that interfere and prevent their child from breathing and sleeping properly.  If these outward symptoms are not addressed, evaluated, and treated EARLY they may evolve into a lifetime of serious health conditions. 

Why is this happening? 

Painting with a very broad brush and down to a simplistic reality, we are not raising our children the way our ancestors did.  We bottle feed, use pacifiers and offer a soft diet of prepared foods instead of working the jaw and muscles by breast-feeding and cutting our teeth on harder foods to develop the oral cavity and develop the jaw.  There is another consequence to this modernized diet impacting the position of the tongue.  Breast-feeding has been replaced by bottle use which depresses the tongue leading to mouth breathing, misalignment of the jaws, and improper swallow, all contributing to a myriad of other changes in our breathing and sleep habits. 

No Guilt!

Gaining the knowledge of this "Silent Epidemic" gives parents the knowledge and ability to identify outward symptoms, allowing their child to be evaluated by a Healthy Start provider and begin treatment as early as possible.  Parents are quick to feel guilty about not realizing that their child has been struggling, but by taking the initiative today, we can stop the harmful effects that improper breathing and poor sleep can have on children. Once we know something new and TRUE, we are better equipped to navigate the course!  

Why do I not know about a condition that affects 9 out of 10 children in the US?  

The Healthy Start treatment has been available for decades for children in the US and internationally, treating over 3 million cases globally.  The countries that first embraced this treatment found that the Healthy Start treatment is one of the most comprehensive and affordable treatments for their youth population preventing serious health issues later in life. 

Dr. Bergersen; “We can fix the problem before it becomes a never ending list of deteriorating conditions, the HealthyStart™ Treatment is a comprehensive solution and a future prevention.”   

You can learn now- like so many that attend lectures and seminars, that the medical world has a cumulative body of evidence, studies and irrefutable data to rest this case.  Pictures tell a Before & After story that moves parents into a pro-active stance and treating as soon as possible. 

Treatment Timing

The conditions are identifiable and the treatment is highly predictable with good compliance.  To miss this window of opportunity could produce a lifetime of declining health and reduce treatment options to band-aids at best.  The clock is ticking and addressing symptoms before a child hits puberty, is critical for successful treatment. Treatment needs to occur during a child's growing years. 

Why the Dentist? 

Dentists are often the first line of defense in recognizing health conditions in patients of all ages.  Young children are typically on a wait and watch stance in hopes that conditions will self-correct with age.  Certified Healthy Start dentists can break this pattern by addressing these symptoms as early as possible in a child's life.  The Healthy Start treatment takes advantage of growth and development in order to make changes in habits and orthodontic conditions.  A healthy smile is tied intimately to self-image and in these early years, we want our children to be comfortable and confident.

So now that I know, what do I do?

We are 50 years into global application with multiple peer reviewed studies and volumes of historical data that is both visually evident and scientifically measured and documented.  Digital media is taking this story to parents who see results that go well beyond cosmetics and to the core of their child’s well-being for life.  Humans are fallible and compliance is key, but the pictures are the remarkable proof in the pudding to tell a story that transcends other forms of tediously detailed documentation.

 Next Step? Good Questionnaire!

If your child has any of the symptoms mentioned above, bring them Saturday and meet inventor, Dr. Earl Bergersen himself to evaluate the treatment and meet some of the local doctors who will be available to help your family.  The Sleep Questionnaire that can be downloaded from the web-site will help you assess some of the preliminary observations to give doctors a clear snapshot of what happens when your child sleeps.  It is important to take your time and really watch them as you fill it out.  Many times parents are oblivious to the fine detail of their child’s true sleep behavior until they stop to observe it in action!

Will we see you this week?  844-Kid-Healthy

Please make a quick call to confirm your attendance at the:

✔️    Doctor’s Cocktail Party and Presentation at the Farmer’s Market.

✔️    Lecture for Dental Professionals Friday and Saturday: Dallas County Dental Society 13633 Omega Road Dallas, TX 75244

✔️   Live Patient Day on Saturday providing FREE evaluation for your child from 2-4:30pm at Central Dentist 10210 North Central Expressway #100 Dallas, TX 75231

Dr. Earl Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO, Inventor/ Founder Ortho-Tain™ HealthyStart™  

Dr. Jill Ombrello,DDS, US Dental Institute, HealthyStart™ Provider

HealthyStart™ Company

HealthyStart™ is a division of longstanding orthodontic parent company, Ortho-Tain, possessing 511 US and International Patents, FDA Approval for these advanced orthodontic appliances which are Silicone Free, Latex Free, Phthalate Free, and BPA Free. 

Research and Development, Studies and Case Histories may be seen at:  Videos and Learning Center at  or 1-844-Kid-Healthy

Contacts: Leslie Stevens 847-921-2982 or Kathie Turner 832-880-3165

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