Parents Continue to Voice Concerns Over Gay CEO's 'Controversial' Marketing Campaign

Targeting young adults, the new Z Skin Cosmetic campaigns have left many parents concerned with the message being sent to their children.

​Pulling in over $100 billion per year, skincare and cosmetics are two of the largest industries in the world, with consumers ranging from teens to the elderly adult. It’s estimated that 70% of the behavior seen in teens and young adults, is predominantly fueled by the messages being sent within product marketing and advertising. And now Z Skin Cosmetics, which specializes in affordable organic skincare, has ruffled the feathers of many parents with their newest marketing approach. 

Launching their new ‘Zz Mineral Acne Products’, Z Skin Cosmetics has begun targeting teen males for their new product line, causing an uproar amongst parents. The marketing team behind the new campaign commented, “Parents have started seeing the new campaign as an attempt to blur gender lines, which has caused concern as we attempt to target younger males. Though the products may technically fall under mineral makeup, we wouldn't consider them your 'typical' makeup products; they blend together such ingredients as turmeric and ginger that help absorb excess oil, lighten dark marks, and reduce break out size and healing time. We also include zinc oxide which provides an organic SPF, which helps in preventing and healing dark marks and scars, which is vital to evening out skin tone.”

The new 'Zz Mineral Acne Products' by Z Skin Cosmetics are packaged as a liquid or as a powder, and instructions state to use the products to help keep the skin from producing excess oil and shine, which is needed to heal and prevent breakouts. And though the campaign of the new products has proven successful so far, many parents are still flustered over targeting it to younger males.

Ryan Zamo, the openly gay 26-year-old CEO of the company stated, “Guys wear cover up all the time to conceal their breakouts. Believe it or not, studies show that almost 30% of teenage and young adult males have admitted to using it, but typical cover up is terrible for the skin. It clogs the pores and makes the break outs even worse, but our products are made to be undetectable, while stopping excess oil and helping to heal the breakouts. By allowing the skin to breathe, the new 'Zz Mineral Acne Products' use ingredients proven to reduce pimple size, prevent scaring and heal acne faster than anything else on the market.”  

Dermatologists have agreed that using mineral products is much healthier for the skin. And though Z Skin Cosmetics may have its work cut out for it, more males have begun to adapt to the new acne products, proving the new marketing campaign may just help create a shift in todays social ideals. 

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