Omnishield Dealers Make Donations to New Zealand Burn Support Group

Sam Barnes of New Zealand presents $1,000.00, with an ongoing yearly commitment from a portion of the proceeds of his company to be awarded in support of this cause.

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​​According to the Burn Support Group Charitable Trust, Inc., burn survivors can be faced with many losses – their usual physical appearance, sometimes their home, income, and perhaps they are also grieving the loss of a family member or colleague involved in a fire.

A multiple grief situation is not uncommon. This is often experienced whilst also enduring a long hospitalization period.

The multiple emotions felt by burn survivors and the need for care on many levels was the reason that founder Delwyn Tait felt there was a very real need to not only augment hospital care for burns survivors but also, particularly, support survivors and their families throughout the rehabilitative phase of a burn injury. 

Their mission is noble and New Zealand Authorized Distributor of OmniShield Brand products, Sam Barnes, decided to join up and help make a difference. "It's what OmniShield is all about. Protecting the world ... one family at a time. Our local company represents the product because we know it's the finest solution for home safety in the world," said Sam. "This group touched both my wife and I, so it just made sense to team up and share."

Chris Roberts, President of the OmniShield Brand and GHS Companies added, "When Sam called us, we knew it was a great idea. We're already supporters of the Phoenix Society of Burn Survivors in the United States, and we knew this organization had ties. We felt confident the money would be used appropriately. As a global supplier, we're proud of the job Sam is doing. He and his wife, Victoria, have been doing an excellent job of introducing our technology to the families of New Zealand."

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