Olympian Unveils Secret Mental Training Weapon

Used for over 20 years, daily, in her Olympic training and used with hundreds of clients, Dr. Andrea Wieland, has unveiled her secret to be more competitive, more focused, and better prepared to win: PowerWords Mental Training Tool.

In the ongoing battle of how to effectively "train the brain", Olympian and licensed psychologist, Dr. Andrea Wieland, has perfected and used a secret tool for close to 20 years, daily, to get results that set her preparation apart from the competition. And she is pleased to share this "secret weapon" with athletes and coaches.

PowerWords Mental Traininig Tool is an imagery tool used by Dr. A with hundreds of her clients, many of her sports teams and high level athletes she has helped, and numerous college athletic teams. Until now, PowerWords were only available in the one-on-one sessions through Dr. A's performance coaching programs.

"Mental training by athletes and high level executives, alike, is often the most overlooked of the assets you take to the field,court, or whatever battleground you compete in. As an Olympian, I needed and wanted to have my mental preparation be as robust and effective as my fitness and nutritional planning and training." remarks Dr. A. "I developed PowerWords to gain instant and immediate mental focus. You can expect the same results when you consistently us PowerWords as a mental training tool."

PowerWords Mental Training Tool is a systematic, step-by-step sequence of reviewing the power word and the image provided, reading the affirmation statement accompanying each word and creating in your mind a mini movie recreating a positive outcome accomplished either during play or during practice. The first set of PowerWords is geared to fully preparing, mentally, for an effective practice or pre-performance warm up.

"This secret weapon is being shared so that young athletes, in the formation stages of their playing career can begin to 'train the brain' and use PowerWords not only on the field, but also off the field, in school and at home. The need to focus immediately on the task at hand, is advantageous in all aspects of life, not just on the playing field," notes Wieland, "PowerWords can be used by young athletes and organizations."

PowerWords Mental Training Tool includes five PowerWord cards and an affirmation statement and imagery cue, a self guided set of instructions, a quick step-by-step guide to refresh the user, and key notes on how to effectively integrate PowerWords in a whole person preparation system including fitness, nutrition and mental training. The set also includes a bonus card to share with a teammate, family member, or friend.

Additional information and a video explanation of why and how PowerWords were developed is narrated by Dr. A and found at http://e1fit.com/PowerWords

PowerWords are a copyright product of Every1Fit, LLC and Dr. Andrea Wieland.