5 Missing Performance Elements Every Field Hockey Player Should Know to Dominate Uour Opponents

Every1Fit in providing best practices for elite athlete performance training unveils its findings for field hockey.

The 5 performance elements every field hockey player should know to dominate their opponents and the basis of these components is unveiled next Tuesday March 13, 2013 at 9:15 p.m. ET. "The 5 Performance Elements" represents Every1Fit, LLC's advanced research in to the biomechanics and the psychographics of winning.

According to Dr. Andrea Wieland, Ph.D., Olympian, and Health Performance Coach for 25 years, the basis of gaining a competitive edge rests in not just the physical skill set needed for the sport of field hockey, but in the peripheral or perimeter elements that often are overlooked. Dr. Wieland takes a very different approach to peak performance and performance training and preparation. She surrounds herself with a team of experts and in doing so creates a "team around a team" approach to winning.

This approach requires a comprehensive system of training of not only the body but also the brain, emotions, and goal setting. It is this basis that will make up the five key elements she will unveil in her webinar scheduled for Tuesday March 13th.

As Dr. A points out, "In my Olympic career, there were lots of opportunities to crush the opponent, really dominate and win. Before you can ever get in to that game situation you better be prepared and be knowledgeable of what it takes to get you there. It takes research, observation and practice to identify and perfect those key missing elements."

To register for the discussion hosted by Dr. Wieland, go to e1fit.com.