Coach the Coach in Sports On and Off the Field

Who is coaching the coach? If you are sports coach then you know the demands of your job, at any level require mental clarity, focus, good nutritional choices, and physical stamina. Who is taking care of you, the coach? You must!

In an effort to shed light on how best a sport or health performance coach can "coach" themselves to optimum excellence, new resources have been uncovered by Every1Fit, a integrated wellness and sport performance program provider.

Sport and health performance coaches get so busy in their professions and in their responsibilities, they often neglect their self care. Despite taking constant care of athletes, clients, parents and officials, many coaches don't keep their own best interests in mind.

Every1Fit's founder and Chief Engagement Officer, Andrea Wieland (a.k.a., Dr. A), PhD, Olympian, health performance coach to many athletes and organizations, counseling psychologist, and life long competitive athlete, has made a commitment to her athletes, teammates, clients and customers, and to herself. "The secret to wellness is really taking self responsibility literally. I want to reduce the pain others feel and I want to reduce my own pain by acknowledging I am my biggest asset," remarks Dr. A.

Sharing the secrets to success, and to excellence, both on the field and off, has produced many useful and relevant resources that tackle the challenge of who takes care of the coach. One of those resources is a series of webinars designed for coaches and athletes. Dr. A hosts the next in the series of sport specific webinars Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 8:15 p.m. ET. The focus of the webinar is unlocking the secrets to success through a balanced, integrated approach to preparing and achieving amazing.

The resources are designed to be immediately integrated and allow for individuals and organizations to immerse their sports or "life" teams in an array of actionable items. Among the items are essential components of performance that once instituted, should become habits to excellent behavior as well as providing excellent self care.