Just in Time for the French Open: Mental Training Strategies

Mental toughness on the court is one of the key strategies, often overlooked, but critical to getting and keeping your competitive edge in tennis. Introducing four strategies that sharpen your game, just in time for the summer.

Mental training for athletes takes center stage on the tennis courts as the action heats up this summer in Grand Slam events. Much of the discussion and conversation around the sport focuses on technique and skills. But often it is the mental toughness factor that sustains and creates winners on the court.

E1Fit introduces its 4 Killer Strategies for Tennis to educuate, inform, and motivate tennis players by sharing these four tactics that are sure to make a difference in the level, focus and fun in playing tennis. The 4 Killer Strategies are available on a webinar replay. The host and author of the Killer Strategies is Dr. Andrea Wieland, Ph.D., and Chief Enthusiasm Officer of E1Fit and the developer behind the Tennis1Fit online fitness, mental and nutritional plan for competitive tennis players.

In the webinar, Dr. Wieland introduces the "killer" strategies, shares how to implement the strategies, and unveils a secret weapon she developed and has been using for close to 20 years, PowerWords Mental Training. This unique mental training tool uses imagery to enhance the performance of athletes by "training the brain." It is a perfect tool for tennis players who want to sustain momentum throughout the match or practice, who want to be mentally prepared, and want to be able to immediately focus themselves.

The webinar replay is available at http://e1fit.com/RecommendsTennisWebinar.

In addition to the PowerWords Mental Training Tool Starter Set, E1Fit is also introducing the PowerWords Motivational Note cards.

To play like the pros, you have to train like the pros and that means getting your mental game and your mental toughness in line with your dedication to the game.

You can see all the E1Fit Plans and Tools at E1Fit.com/PowerWords.