Not Seeing is Believing With Introduction of New 'Invisible' Hub for MacBook Pro

Kickstarter Launched This Week to Help Bring Product to Market

DGRule launches Kickstarter to bring invisible hub for MacBook Pro to market.

​​​​​An old adage says that “seeing is believing.” But some things in life are better not seen. And that is exactly what inspired a team of tech pros to create an invisible hub for MacBook Pro. The new DGRule is touted as the “world’s first” invisible device of its kind and a Kickstarter launched this week (December 17) to help bring the innovative product to market.

​DGRule is ultra-lightweight, compact, portable, comes in gray and silver - colors that blend with the MacBook design, and snaps into both side ports. The dongle-free and powerful multi-function hub reaches speeds up to 40 GBs while charging simultaneous charging the computer. It connects up to 10 cords, has a built-in cooling pad to prevent overheating, includes a stability feature, and by size comparison, is as thin as the iPhone 11 Pro.

The brains behind the product have more than 10 years of experience developing computer accessories including USB card readers, USB flash drives, USB docking systems, USB-C data conversion systems, and even video conversion systems.  

“As USB-C grows in popularity, we soon realized that while there are many USB-C-enabled products available, there is not a single device that is convenient, lightweight, and designed specifically for MacBook users,” said Nicole Chang of the DGRule development team. “We are a group that continually works to close gaps in the computer accessories market and we are really excited about the results of our efforts.”

The DGRule research and development team spent a full year comparing available products as they worked to create a docking station to fit MacBook Pro in terms of both form and function. They also made sure the hub solved for problems with other bestselling ports – such as lack of compatibility with some devices and the need for a dongle. Finally, the prototype was engineered, completed and tested between June and November to coincide with the November launch of the new MacBook. 

“Based on our market research and beta testing, DGRule will be widely adopted by those who look for the most effective new products, love technology and electronics, and are Apple and MacBook pro lovers,” added Chang.

DGRule will retail for $140 and early supporters of the Kickstarter campaign receive a variety of discount packages started at $69. For more information or to participate in the Kickstarter, go to

For media inquiries: Nicole Chang, or 510-999-4257

Source: DGRule

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