Noom Coach Announces Technology Upgrade With New Customized Features

Noom Coach

The world’s leading weight loss program, Noom Coach, has announced a new technology upgrade that can predict who will succeed with their weight loss goals before they even start.

Dr. Andreas Michaelides, Noom’s Chief of Psychology, says this latest upgrade will use state-of-the-art technological and psychological technology to help consumers change their behavior, and improve their future chance of success.

By understanding the past behaviors and attitudes of all types of users, we know the best way to meet our users where they are in their journey to help them maximize their chance of long-term weight loss success.

Dr. Andreas Michaelides, Noom's Chief of Psychology

“At Noom, we pair artificial intelligence with human coaches to help us predict the future,” said Dr. Michaelides. “By understanding the past behaviors and attitudes of all types of users, we know the best way to meet our users where they are in their journey to help them maximize their chance of long-term weight loss success.”

As one of the most popular weight loss programs in the world, Noom Coach leverages more than 4 billion data points of behavior patterns from more than 45 million people.

Lifestyle, exercise and diet data is entered by consumers as part of their daily routines, providing Noom Coach with real insight into what works and doesn’t work in regard to healthy living and behavior change.

Noom Coach updated its mobile weight loss program on Dec. 26, 2017 to integrate learnings from the most successful behavior patterns and attitudes found among their user base.

Noom Coach V6 includes all new course content designed to help consumers use the most powerful psychological topics faster. It also contains a new coaching protocol that is more motivating based on customized and personalized lifestyle factors.

Other additions include:

  • An “SOS Plan” to help consumers navigate difficult scenarios before they occur. The emergency plan better prepares consumers with roles they must play as challenging situations arise.
  • A “Super Goal” to keep consumers focused on the long-term. Statistically, a Super Goal doubles a consumer’s chances for success.
  • Barcode additions to its proprietary food database to make food logging even easier

Published Peer-Reviewed Studies on Noom Coach

In 2017, Scientific Reports and the Journal of Human Hypertension published peer-reviewed studies on the effectiveness of Noom Coach for long-term weight loss. The Journal of Human Hypertension found adults with high blood pressure lowered their risk of hypertension by using Noom’s mobile Hypertension Reduction and Prevention Program (HRPP).

Scientific Reports, a research journal from the publisher of Nature, found that 80 percent of Noom Coach users lost significant weight using the mobile health application. It was the first study to analyze data on a global scale, looking at how climate impacts weight loss success.

Additionally, the British Medical Journal Open Diabetes Research & Care published a study that found 64 percent of participants who completed Noom’s program lost over 5 percent of their body weight.

About Noom, Inc.

Noom, Inc., a leader in mobile health coaching, combines the power of technology with the empathy of real human coaches to deliver successful behavior change at scale. Noom’s direct-to-consumer weight loss and fitness mobile applications have reached more than 45 million users worldwide. Leveraging the success of their groundbreaking health and fitness programs, Noom developed a behavior change platform to treat chronic and pre-chronic conditions, beginning with the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Noom is the first fully mobile diabetes prevention program to be recognized by the CDC and the only mobile program clinically proven in a peer-reviewed journal. Noom offers curricula across the acuity spectrum and now features programs for pre-hypertension, hypertension and diabetes management in addition to its flagship weight loss and diabetes prevention programs. Noom has offices in New York City, Seoul and Tokyo.

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