New Modular Lunch Bowl From The Chestnut Was Developed to Give Users Better Control Over Their Nutrition and to Foster Community

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Bring Product to Market

Kickstarter launched for new Modular Lunch Bowl from Chestnut

For the past four years, Anastasiia Binyk has launched a succession of consumer-friendly home and kitchen products on Amazon under The Chestnut brand to rave reviews. Yet, in the course of her team’s busy days, eating healthy became a challenge. In their effort to reverse that, they devised a lunch bowl that promotes nutritious eating and helps users stick to a food budget while having the side benefit of fostering community in the workplace or at school. Meet the Modular Lunch Bowl for kids and adults. A Kickstarter to bring the patented Modular Lunch Bowl to market launched this week with early supporters receiving advance access to a variety of product packages.

And if findings by the Journal of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are an indicator, timing for introduction of the Modular Lunch Bowl is ideal. The study found that 92 percent of restaurant meals have too many calories while a separate study by Tufts University found that even healthier fast food options pack too much salty and fat. Not to mention the fact that a study by Cornell University showed that employees who eat meals together are more productive and have a stronger team dynamic.

“In our pursuit of the perfect lunch box for our own personal use, we soon discovered that every option on the market had at least one drawback. Whether they weren’t leak-proof or lost vacuum seal too soon or didn’t keep food hot or cold enough for long enough or couldn’t be microwaved or were too large. In other words, there was a lot of room for improvement. It only took one ruined purse to set us on the path to creating the ultimate lunch bowl,” said Binyk.

The 17-ounce Modular Lunch Bowl is made of PBA-free recyclable plastic. It is leak-proof, shatter-resistant, modular, kid-friendly, insulated to maintain temperature, as well as microwave and dishwasher safe. The team has not lost sight of the importance of form as well as function and offers the lunch bowl in signature colors that include living coral and dangerous black.

“The Lunch Bowl gives users back control over their portions and dietary needs – not to mention that the design is ideal for campers and sportsmen and for building community at work by eating with co-workers,” she added. “We are really excited about our Kickstarter and think that there are many people out there looking for a reliable lunch box option for themselves and their children.”

Once the seed funds have been raised, The Chestnut plans to expand the color and volume range of the lunch bowl. The product will be available on in the third quarter of 2020 with shipping available in the U.S. only.

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