New Lazy Monk Product Launch: The Diaper Backpack, a Special Surprise for Parents

Diaper Backpack

Lazy Monk, a young, yet highly appreciated brand, has launched another product. The staff working at Lazy Monk has identified a growing need within parents. The Diaper Backpack answers that need, providing parents with the freedom they require to teach their little angels the beauty of nature. Although the baby world is filled with ingenious and nifty products, the Lazy Monk Portable Diaper Bag Backpack promises to impress parents.

The Lazy Monk team came together and designed, manufactured and marketed this product as a parent essential item. Using a high-quality fabric, meant to last years to come, the Diaper Backpack is a trustworthy carrier for all your baby’s belongings. Charles White, Lazy Monk co-founder, has made a recent statement concerning the launch of the Diaper Bag.

“We all know how important it is for children to grow up into active individuals. It is hard to imagine that you can achieve this goal unless you educate your child in this fashion from an early age. I am a parent and my two boys know that the free time we spend together I would prefer to spend it enjoying the great outdoors. At first, I had a hard time taking with me all those baby necessary items like the pacifier, the baby bottles, a few toys. That extra pair of clothes in case accidents take place is pretty complicated to carry. So, I started being inventive and took one of my college backpacks, turning it into the baby’s property. That’s when I realized that things would be a lot simpler if all parents could invest in a backpack specially designed for kids, having lots of pockets to fill up. That’s when my team and I started working on the new Lazy Monk project. I just know parents are going to love this diaper backpack.”

The Lazy Monk Diaper Backpack is the latest product launched by this brand and its aim is to satisfy the needs that parents might be having when it comes to outdoor activities with their children.

Source: Lazy Monk


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