New Direction Events Plans to Give Back to the Community

New Direction Events' team is anticipating another successful year in 2016. As part of their goals, associates will be increasing their philanthropic activities and providing more support to their community.

“One of this company’s strengths is its team’s big heart,” said Jennifer, New Direction Events’ Director of Operations. “Each of us thrives from helping others. This includes brands, customers, and even other team members. We’re really in our element when we help those most in need.”

Like with their campaigns, the New Direction Events’ team members are setting goals for their giveback efforts. “We take this quite seriously,” Jennifer exclaimed. “We want our volunteer efforts to not only be meaningful, but also deliver results.”

“We set goals for the activities in which we participate,” she explained. “Some are easy, like food or clothing drives where we have something measurable to track. With hands-on activities, we need to be more creative when finding metrics. They could be hours served, or what we accomplish for the organization, such as improving visibility or coordinating an event.”

As Jennifer shared, this all depends on the organization and what’s most meaningful to it. “We’ll collaborate with the organization’s leaders to identify ways we can pair our firm’s collective talents to help them best.”

“In my opinion, this approach adds value to both the charity and our team,” she stated.

New Direction Events Managers Discuss Creative Philanthropic Opportunities

As the New Direction Events’ team members review options for giving back to the San Antonio community, Jennifer stated that they’ve gained a wealth of knowledge on meaningful ways to share their bounties with their hometowns.

“For small businesses in particular, giveback is a great way to connect with other businesses and gain visibility,” she said. “Therefore, think of your firm’s core strengths and how you can showcase them while helping others. For example, if you’re a financial firm with tax knowledge, you might offer to volunteer with a local college to provide free tax preparation assistance to those in need.”

Team interests are fodder for potential philanthropic activities. “Do many people on your team enjoy sports?” Jennifer asked. “Sponsor a little league team or another youth sport program. This doesn’t just mean a monetary donation and your firm’s name on jerseys. Actually go out to the games, cheer for the kids, and even surprise them with pizza after a big win.”

“Let your team’s imagination run wild with ideas,” Jennifer concluded. “In the end, the efforts you put into the endeavor will help your firm grow in countless ways.”

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