New Direction Events Attends Retreat, Sets Giving Goals

New Direction Events' Director of Operations detailed a recent team retreat and the value of recognizing top performers. She also discussed the firm's goals for growth and giving in the near future.

A contingent from New Direction Events recently attended a rest and relaxation retreat in Las Vegas. Jennifer, the Director of Operations, stated, “The retreat offered great opportunities to interact with other top performers from across our industry, and I was proud to bring Lorena and Alexa along for the ride. These two talented professionals are dedicated to growing the business, and I can always count on them to get things done.”

The retreat featured an awards ceremony and an industry-wide dinner attended by influential leaders of all types. Jennifer remarked, “The networking potential offered by this event was pretty much off the charts. Lorena and Alexa got to share best practices with their peers from all corners of the country, and they were also able to connect with innovative leaders.” Along with all the professional development, New Direction Events’ representatives were even able to fit in some sightseeing.

"I have no doubt we will continue our firm's remarkable growth as we close out 2016 and head into another successful year."

Jennifer, Director of Operations

Jennifer believes in recognizing team members for their accomplishments, and travel events as unique as the Las Vegas retreat are ideal ways to do so. She added, “We want the entire New Direction Events team to know that their efforts are appreciated. When our associates earn incentives like travel opportunities, everyone else on the team is even more motivated to thrive in the future.” The Director believes recognition has a great effect even on those who aren’t put in the spotlight, because it boosts morale and motivation throughout an organization.

New Direction Events’ Director Discusses Goals for Growth, Giving Back

The New Direction Events leadership group has a variety of aggressive goals for the coming months. Expansion into new markets is at the top of this list, and Jennifer believes the firm is poised to reach greater heights soon. “We already have several markets in our sights,” she stated. “I have no doubt we will continue our firm’s remarkable growth as we close out 2016 and head into another successful year.”

Company leaders are also looking forward to making a difference in the community as the holiday season draws closer. Jennifer explained, “We will be donating to our local food bank and collecting canned goods throughout the holidays. Giving to good causes is perhaps the best way to bring team members together and improve morale at the same time. We never miss an opportunity to give back as a company.”

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