New Direction Events Emphasizes Leadership Training

New Direction Events' director of operations highlighted the firm's leadership training and mentoring methods. She offered advice on developing talented professionals' leadership skills.

​One of the primary focal points of the training program at New Direction Events is leadership acumen. “We want to identify people with the capacity to lead so they can develop those skills,” said Jennifer, the firm’s director of operations. “When individuals are encouraged and empowered to lead, they are able to push for more innovative solutions and find answers to difficult problems.”

The firm’s initial training efforts stress leadership skills, and this emphasis is heightened with one-to-one education. Jennifer explained, “We match each new addition to our team with an accomplished leader. In addition, we often bring in experts from outside the firm to share leadership lessons, many of which mentor our people further. From there, the associate learns how to navigate the sometimes-rough waters of a highly competitive industry. Through these approaches, we prepare passionate people to assume leadership roles at New Direction Events on an accelerated timeline.”

"We want to identify people with the capacity to lead so they can develop those skills,"

Jennifer, Director of Operations

New Direction Events’ Director Shares Tips for Developing Leaders

Jennifer gives her team members opportunities to gain leadership experience on a smaller scale. “I will often give an associate the chance to run a meeting or oversee a project when he or she isn’t expecting it,” she added. “It’s good to expose your people to the demands of keeping others on task and making sure they meet stated objectives. They need real-world practice to hone their leadership abilities.”

The director also coaches her team members to network as a way to develop leadership skills among New Direction Events associates. She explained, “As a business leader, you must know how to make real connections and initiate productive conversations. A formal networking event is an ideal forum for learning how to do these things. During industry gatherings, I encourage our top performers to branch out and meet influential leaders from other companies. There is no better way to make mutually beneficial connections.”

Jennifer isn’t afraid to let her team members struggle with unfamiliar tasks. As they take on more responsibilities, she is always willing to help, but she nudges her associates along rather than explicitly showing them the way. “I think it is instructive to lead your people in the right direction,” the director said. “If they need help with a spreadsheet, for example, I might point them to a financial authority. Before long, our potential leaders learn how to get the help they need by leveraging resources to their advantage. Those are key steps in becoming an effective business leader.”

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