New Direction Events Celebrates Promotion and Expansion

Leaders at New Direction Events announced the movement of a team member into the ranks of management. They also confirmed that the company's clout in the San Antonio market is expanding, opening up positions to qualified applicants.

“Here at New Direction Events, we intentionally built a culture that encourages professional and career development,” declared Jennifer, the firm’s Director of Operations. “However, that doesn’t guarantee forward movement. There’s still a lot of work involved on the part of our associates who do earn promotions. That’s why we’re celebrating Kristine’s new role in upper management. We have a great system, but she’s the one who made the most of it.”

According to the Director, it was Kristine’s perseverance, dedication, relationship-building skills, and ability to see the big picture that got her through the rigorous management training program. However, those aren’t the traits that first brought her to the attention of New Direction Events’ leadership team. Jennifer explained more fully, saying that even before being trained as a manager Kristine was already displaying leadership qualities.

"Here at New Direction Events, we intentionally built a culture that encourages professional and career development,"

Jennifer, Director of Operations

“Right from the beginning, Kristine was a go-getter,” the Director said. “She doesn’t feel the need to ask for the right to succeed. She’s an inspiration to anyone working with her as well. Everyone finds her company invigorating!” Jennifer continued, saying that Kristine consistently works hard to earn the respect of her peers, and isn’t afraid of a challenge. “When I see all those behaviors together, I know I’m looking at someone with leadership potential,” declared Jennifer.

New Direction Events’ Director Discusses the Development of New Campaigns

Due to an increased demand for the unique interactive promotions that New Direction Events provides, Kristine will be developing campaigns for new products, helping them realize the market recognition they deserve. “I’m almost jealous of Kristine and the new challenges she has in front of her,” Jennifer shared. “Through the efforts of all our New Direction Events associates, we have lined up several new brands to promote in the San Antonio market.”

Another facet of Kristine’s new role will be conducting interviews and finding talented professionals to assist in these new initiatives. Jennifer encourages any career-minded individual who enjoys collaboration while being rewarded for effort to visit the company’s website and fill out an application. “This is a very exciting time to be a part of our team, and a sensational time to be promoted to management,” the Director affirmed. “I look forward to seeing what the New Direction Events team will achieve with Kristine in her new position.”

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