New Chrome Extension Gets Business Contact Information in 3 Clicks

OxyLeads is introducing a new Chrome Extension tool that anyone from job seekers to business sales teams will love

​Despite the fact that web content is growing exponentially, contact information is become increasingly erased from websites, driving everyone to use generic emails, or worse, contact forms. The reality is, contacting the right person has always given both job seekers and salespeople an upper hand at achieving desired results.

OxyLeads, a business data provider, has come up with an intuitive Chrome browser extension that addresses this issue. It has collected data of about more than 330 million people and 8 million companies.

How does it work? A user can simply add the OxyLeads extension to their Chrome browser. With its easy pull-down tab, business contact and other relevant business information is shown instantly, when available. Contacts include the position within a company, which is invaluable when seeking to reach the decision makers and email addresses. Business information listed includes the company revenue, web tools the company uses and other relevant information to understand the business size and area of expertise. Access 3 terabytes of business data for free (only email addresses are paid).

Who can take advantage of this data? Relevant business contact data is valuable to people across several sectors – from job seekers to nonprofits seeking funding, from B2B sales teams looking for leads to ICOs looking to pitch their project to potential investors.

For instance, a startup that is launching a new solution in the marketplace could reach out to venture capitalists that are keen on investing in companies right from the get-go. Just with one click, contact data of any potential investor can be reached and populated in the pull-down extension tab. The relevant contact can be added to the customized list, which later on can be mail-merged with a personalized message.

Oxyleads contacts are constantly renewed as the program crawls the web updating and growing its database.

OxyLeads extension is taking advantage of growing trends of automation and personalization. Thanks to its automated data generating processes, getting relevant contact information is just a few easy clicks away, removing hours of manual web browsing. On the other hand, the message can be sent to a decision maker with a personalized message – without appearing like a bot – and research shows 42 percent of people are more likely to open a personalized message.

Oxyleads extension allows to save time, and spend it on preparing a pitch, rather than forever searching who might want to hear the pitch in the first place.


OxyLeads was founded in 2015, as the team of sales managers ran into an issue of spending countless hours trying to find useful information about potential clients. Failing to find enough business contacts or gather enough company data in a reasonable amount of time using standard methods, they invested in a development team to create a new business data solution. Today, OxyLeads draws information from more than 35 different sources. It contains data about more than 330 million people and 8 million companies. This vast amount of data is easily accessible and can be customized to fit unique business needs. For more, visit

Source: OxyLeads