OxyLeads, a New Solution Can Help Businesses Acquire More Leads, While Helping Narrow Down Target Clients

A new Business Data Solution that saves massive amounts of time in acquiring business contacts

As businesses evolve and become more automated, there are new solutions that help companies skip the time-consuming, frustrating search of valuable leads, whether it’s a list of potential clients or business contacts. A new business intelligence tool, OxyLeads, takes away the pressure of finding new leads by creating actionable, time-saving strategies that get results.

Traditionally, companies would need to poach every potential client in the target market, spending hours on outbound contact list building. The ROI would be unpredictable, more like a lottery - once in a while, a company could strike gold, while most of the time they would hit a silent wall or rejections.

OxyLeads business suite can help narrow down a target market by showing what web tools any company is using. This can be very valuable information for businesses selling an alternative web-based technology or a related service. In addition, it offers some useful features, like the easily-accessible searchable business contact database that can help build lead lists, create personalized email templates and use them for automated drip campaigns.

Here are some practical examples to consider:

For a company that offers online advertising service, OxyLeads Prospector Tool can serve in identifying companies that use Google Adwords, meaning they will be more open to discussing other PPC options. For an online payment facilitation business, it will be easy to contact businesses that are using services like PayPal. Other businesses offering web-based services in these industries could take advantage of scouting competition - like e-commerce, CRM, ad-services, web-hosting, analytics, content management, payment solutions, several marketing solutions, and more. 

How? Oxyleads has access to data of about 8 million companies, including contact information for over 330 million people. While navigating any website, the handy OxyLeads extension would populate the pulldown tab with business information (location, revenue, general contact info, etc.) and several lists, most importantly the potential contact list, a number of web-based services the company uses and a list of similar businesses it has in its database. Anyone with the OxyLeads extension can access 3 Terabytes of business data for free (only email addresses are paid).

It also has the next step covered - outreach. OxyLeads business intelligence tool allows to access valuable contact details for the prospective company you are targeting, see their role in the company, add them to the list and send a custom message, too.

Marketing a B2B business has always been an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Oxyleads built a platform intended to connect sales and marketing teams with the right decision makers that are more likely to buy a product if a personalized email is received. 


OxyLeads was founded in 2015, as the team of sales managers ran into an issue of spending countless hours trying to find useful information about potential clients. Failing to find enough business contacts or gather enough company data in a reasonable amount of time using standard methods they tool action, they invested in a development team to create a new business data solution. Today, OxyLeads draws information from more than 35 different sources. It contains data about more than 330 million people and 8 million companies. This vast amount of data is easily accessible and can be customized to fit unique business needs. For more, visit www.oxyleads.com

Source: OxyLeads