Automation Can Save Up to 2 Hours per Day for Sales Teams: Oxyleads Offers Direct Access to Quality Leads

Business solution OxyLeads hopes to save marketing and sales professionals valuable time and helps increase sales.

Sales teams are always looking for a shortcut to reach buyers that have a higher propensity to buy. Sales reps can waste up to 2 hours per day performing manual tasks that don’t lead directly to new deals. With a new business solution called OxyLeads, a sales team can free up 120 additional minutes every day and gain quality leads they can pitch directly, leading to more closed deals.

OxyLeads, in the market of delivering quality data to the marketing and sales teams, is introducing new custom-built products - Sales Prospector and OxyLeads Chrome Extension. Both of these solutions, part of the OxyLeads Suite, can help save valuable time in generating targeted contacts.

OxyLeads Sales Prospector is like a searchable database that can help find companies and people based on the industry, revenue, and other helpful keywords - generating contact lists that can be customized and exported. Having access to contacts with position descriptions, the appropriate decision makers can be identified.

Oxyeads Chrome extension is a nifty widget that can populate business information about an extensive list of companies simply by visiting their website. Once again, it generates helpful leads and information about a company, including a list of web-based technologies the company uses.

Both of these tools can arm sales teams with invaluable quality data that can be beneficial for B2B businesses, and more than that - it can save lots of  valuable time. Here are a number of ways sales teams can save time by using Oxyleads solution. 

1 - List building speed. Sell more by spending less time building outbound lists. With OxyLeads, it takes up to 3 minutes to create a list that has the most up-to-date contact info and is ready to be sent.

2 - Data renewal. Sourcing a database of valuable contacts is not only time consuming, it becomes outdated very quickly. Updating databases is a sure time waster. When choosing data intelligence tool, one must ensure that contact data is constantly renewed, as is the case with Oxyleads that is constantly renewing and adding new information to their 3 terabytes of contact data. Hitting the correct contact will inevitably drive more sales as bounce rate would be dramatically reduced.

3 - Quality leads. Access to the decision makers can save you time, because you reach the right person, rather than aimlessly sending pitches. B2B sales rely on approaching the right lead - as emailing the wrong person is simply a dead-end. When was the last time you forwarded an email that was not applicable to your work?

Companies are increasingly populating the web with huge amounts of data, but for B2B sales teams that just means more data to sift through. If companies are ready to alleviate the stress for sales teams that are drowning in information - automation and use of smart business data can be the solution that helps drives sales, channeling the saved energy in daunting prospect searches and in driving more sales. 


OxyLeads was founded in 2015, as the team of sales managers ran into an issue of spending countless hours trying to find useful information about potential clients. Failing to find enough business contacts or gather enough company data in a reasonable amount of time using standard methods they tool action, they invested in a development team to create a new business data solution. Today, OxyLeads draws information from more than 35 different sources. It contains data about more than 330 million people and 8 million companies. This vast amount of data is easily accessible and can be customized to fit unique business needs. For more, visit

Source: OxyLeads