How Can a Personalized Fundraising Strategy Help ICOs Raise More Funds?

Business contact data provider, OxyLeads says instant access to the right contacts can change the way ICOs fundraise.

What many believe is a race to fundraise in the unregulated market might soon burst. The ICO market is continuing to grow exponentially and with it, the competition for investor attention.

While many experts are warning of a slowdown or new rules for the blockchain technology startup fundraising, the number of ICOs has not diminished - on the contrary, more of them enter the market every day. The market is competitive, to say the least, with ICOs investing heavily in PR, community management, social media presence - all trying to reach potential investors for their blockchain or cryptocurrency-related business idea.

One business solution has picked up interest from ICO founders as of late - OxyLeads, a business contact data provider that offers a number of tools, allowing access to data of over 330 million people and 8 million companies. Both OxyLeads prospector and OxyLeads chrome extension tool allow businesses to search for relevant contacts, generating access to business leads, their role in the company and their emails - all in seconds.

For example, the ICOs can use the Prospector tool to search and build lead lists for journalist and content creators for various relevant publications. Searching with relevant keywords like journalist, or writer, or industry keywords like bitcoin, journalist contacts would appear, listing their position and the publication they work for.

To boot, ICOs can get contact information for venture capitalists with a click of a button - installing the OxyLeads chrome extension, they could access relevant contact data for any business with a website. Visiting a prospective venture capitalist website, a pull-down tab would appear with a list of contacts (constantly updated). Generate a list, grab the emails and pitch the idea. The MailMerge function allows to send personalized emails instantaneously to a few hundred contacts and to automatically program follow-ups.

Having access to relevant contact information, and, most importantly, the contact position information can help personalize the pitch. ICO is like any traditional startup fundraising that can catch a hefty investment if they pitch the right person with the right message.

As any seasoned sales professional can attest, personalized emails get over 40% more open rates, not to mention the higher response rate. Instant list building and access to relevant contacts - whether media or potential investors - can propel an ICO in front of the competition and determine if they come out as winners.


OxyLeads was founded in 2015, as the team of sales managers ran into an issue of spending countless hours trying to find useful information about potential clients. Failing to find enough business contacts or gather enough company data in a reasonable amount of time using standard methods they tool action, they invested in a development team to create a new business data solution. Today, OxyLeads draws information from more than 35 different sources. It contains data about more than 330 million people and 8 million companies. This vast amount of data is easily accessible and can be customized to fit unique business needs. For more, visit

Source: OxyLeads