New App Lets You Easily Host, Attend, and Even Earn Money From Your Social Events

Simpalm Develops and Launches Social Event-Hosting App for Virginia-Based Startup

Festi Logo

​​Festi is a new event planning app and platform that lets you easily create, manage, promote, and collect revenue for public and private events that you host. When you’re not hosting your own events, Festi will help you find fun social events in your area that you can attend as a guest.

Owned by a Virginia-based partnership, Festi was developed and launched by Simpalm, a mobile app development company in USA. The app, which is available on both Apple and Android platforms, can be used for large events, such as block parties or festival-like events, or for small gatherings, such as tailgating parties, backyard barbecues, cookouts, or cocktail parties.  

Festi is available as a free download on iTunes and Google Play.

How Does It Work?

Festi provides two interfaces. The Guest interface enables you to find and read about public events that you can attend in your area. In addition to notifying the hosts that you plan to attend, you can also see the current guest list and alert friends of the events you plan to attend.  The app will also alert you to any private event invitations you have.

Festi’s Host interface enables you to create and promote public and private events, manage guest lists, and even charge event fees to raise revenue or defray event expenses.

Public events that you host will be visible to all users within a defined geographic area, but private events will be shown only to those who you invite.

Festi provides the following features:

For Guests ...

  • Discover new events in local area, swipe a list of events and book your favorites.
  • Make event connections, access guest lists and learn who else is planning to attend an event.
  • Make payments to book your attendance and receive special notifications from event Hosts.

For Hosts ...

  • Post events in the app, receive attendance requests from friends and local area people.
  • Approve guest attendance requests, create customized Guest lists.
  • Promote the event with detailed descriptions of the event venue, entertainment, food and drink menus, or any other important information.
  • Levy and collect fees to raise revenue or help defray event hosting costs.

Piyush Jain, founder and CEO of Simpalm, describes Festi as an app with near limitless growth potential.

“The art of hosting successful events depends on extremely time-consuming planning, promotion, financing and RSVP management,” Jain said, adding “Festi does for event planning what ride-sharing apps do for transportation--makes it fast, flexible and fun.”

Festi is currently in its first launch phase, which is limited to the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area and nearby in Virginia and Maryland.

About Simpalm:

Founded in 2009, Simpalm is dedicated to bringing more efficiency and mobility to the world.  With offices in Bethesda and Chicago, Simpalm designs and develops mobile applications and responsive websites for clients both small and large.