Now Use a Mobile Health App to Find Out the Disease Based Upon Your Symptoms.

SIMpalm, a top rated Mobile and Web App Development Company, helped its client to launch DDx Pro App. This App is an advanced differential diagnostic tool to manage health and wellness. DDx pro is a revolutionary medical app that helps medical individual, patients and their family members to find information about possible diseases on the basis of medical diagnosis, test and symptoms.

Several people have health symptoms but not sure what diseases it might relate to. When you go to a doctor or lab and find diagnostic or test result, you still may wonder what disease might be causing them. We can try to Google it and get confused with myriads of results and data. Well! Your confusion is over. Now there is an iOS App, called DDX Pro, that can allow you to find diseases based upon symptoms or diagnosis or test results. The mobile app has been built by Dr. Chetan Naik, with the team of SIMpalm.

DDx pro is an advanced differential diagnostic app, built for the iPhone. This is a database driven application, has immense searchable data on diseases over 1500 with their subspecialties in adult medicine. The database has a large amount of information related to each and every medical conditions and their symptoms.  The user can use this app to search brief information of disease or to generate a list of potential diseases upon a combination of laboratory, pathological diagnosis reports.

This app is valuable for medical experts as well as for patients likewise. By using DDX pro, medical professionals can have an easy reach to a medical database and can look into different possibilities for each signs and different diagnosis reports. Similarly, patients and their family members can use this app to find knowledgeable information about diseases and can have an informed conversation with physician regarding different possibilities, diagnoses, and symptoms.

DDx Pro application is very useful; it provides information about the various diseases. Information about various diseases is provided on the basis of symptoms and reports. This application has very simple and easy to use interface. Database of this application works in offline state. Users can access information about diseases without the Internet connection. Database of this application contains following information:

  • Description about diseases.
  • Symptoms of various diseases.
  • Diagnostic Criteria of different diseases.
  • Pathological Features.
  • Radiological Features.
  • Laboratory Features.
  • Medications.
  • Occupation Risks etc.

This application contains information about more than 1500 diseases.  A new version of the app is being worked upon with additional features and functions.

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