New 33 Zone Precise Detection Walk Through Metal Detector by Metal Defender

Metal Defender introduces the new MD-33 Precise Location, Walk Through Metal Detector. The MD-33 is a 33 zone walk through metal detector that has precise location detection of weapons or metal on a subject.

Metal Defender, a leading manufacture and supplier of Walk Through Metal Detectors has recently introduced the MD-33, 33 zone precise location walk through. It enables faster and precise location and detection of weapons and metal objects on subjects.  Allows for faster screening and higher pass though counts.

Metal Defender has been supplying a 6 Zone, and 12 Zone version for the past 2 years, but many customers have expressed the need for the 33 zone model.  The new MD-33 can precisely identify  target object's location on the left, center and right sides of the body from head to toe. The new MD-33 has all of the water resistant and rugged capabilities of the MD-6 and MD-12, (IP55). Metal Defender has recently received Developmental Designation  from the Department of Homeland Security and currently undergoing the stringent NIJ testing.

It's the most precise and affordable security detection device on the market.

Zach Tomazak

Security Adminstrator

Metal Defender will continue to offer the MD-6, MD-12 as affordable and effective options for weapons detection.

The new MD-33 walk through metal detector is easy to set up and install, with multiple programming options, battery backup and networking.  All MD-33 walk through Metal Detectors are ADA compliant.

The MD-33 is available now and is 1/2 the price of competitors comparable model.  It is also simpler to install and has easier " 1 Touch" programming than the leading competitor. Free Lifetime Phone support is included with every model and every purchase.  Metal Defender also includes an MD-008 Hand held detection wand with each unit. and includes delivery in the purchase price.

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