Netsertive Releases New Report: The State of Digital Advertising for Multi-Location Businesses

Research shows marketers struggle to understand a single picture of ROI across their location, region, and network levels.

Today Netsertive released a new report, The State of Digital Advertising for Multi-Location Businesses, on the challenges facing marketers that support corporate, franchise, and channel partner locations across the country. The report highlights the top-10 trends and the most pressing issues in digital advertising.

"Marketers are under pressure to provide ROI like never before," says Erin Martin, VP of Marketing at Netsertive. "For multi-location businesses, that issue is compounded. It's extremely hard to pull together a single picture of ROI when you're running multiple campaigns across multiple channels at the national, regional, and local levels."

Key findings:

  • ​​Marketers value lower funnel channels, such as search and social, that can more easily prove ROI. Survey respondents ranked paid search and paid social as the channels they most value for driving an ROI - with 80% identifying paid search as delivering high ROI/value and 66% identifying paid social as delivering high ROI/value.​
  • True omnichannel strategy among multi-location marketers is still a rarity. The majority of respondents tap out on using three channels, including search, display, and social, with the majority defaulting to running their ads Google and Facebook.
  • National Brands still fall short with being local. Despite valuing personalized and localized digital advertising—67% of respondents stated that localized digital advertising is a priority—only half of marketers currently run a formal digital advertising program for their local channel partners.
  • Connected TV (CTV) advertising is an untapped opportunity. While 29% of marketers said they have been running CTV ads for more than a year, over half do not and have no plans to in the future.
  • The impact of agencies is murky. While 38% of companies doing localized advertising use agencies in some capacity, 36% say it's unclear how their agency's activity impacts their profitability.

The full report is available for download here.

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