Verlo Mattress Joins Forces With Netsertive to Leverage Its Localized Digital Marketing Technology Across the Verlo Network

Netsertive, a marketing technology provider that enables franchise brands and multi-location businesses to execute localized digital marketing at scale, proudly announces its partnership with Verlo Mattress, a distinguished name in the mattress industry. Leveraging Netsertive's cutting-edge localization technology platform, Verlo Mattress will now be equipped to execute hyper-localized digital marketing campaigns tailored for each of its brand locations, streamlining marketing operations and increasing effectiveness system-wide. 

Through the collaborative alliance with Netsertive, Verlo reinforces its marketing support system for franchisees by introducing automated execution of localized digital ads and fostering close collaboration with franchisees with expert support.

The Verlo team gains unparalleled insights through Netsertive's performance metrics, enabling effortless optimization and customization of media plans for each franchisee. Netsertive's Insights Manager gives franchisees real-time visibility into the performance of their digitally localized campaigns, tailored to meet their distinctive business requirements. The partnership ensures a seamless and data-driven approach to elevate the success of Verlo's franchise network.

"We are thrilled to welcome Verlo Mattress to our ever-expanding family of partners," said Erin Martin, Vice President of Marketing. "This collaboration represents a synergistic blend of our innovative spirits, and we are excited to help the entire network continue to evolve their marketing capabilities."

Verlo Mattress's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with Netsertive's core values, ensuring a seamless integration of its offerings within Netsertive's portfolio. Franchisees can expect an elevated level of convenience, enhanced services, and a broader range of choices tailored to meet their diverse needs.

"As the world of marketing technology continues to rapidly evolve, we are excited to partner with Netsertive in order to future-proof our network and provide enhanced capabilities & expert support to each of our locations," added Ira Klusendorf, Vice President of Marketing for Verlo Mattress.

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About Verlo:

Verlo Mattress is a company of trusted sleep comfort experts who are passionate about helping people to achieve a better day awake through a more comfortable night's sleep. Verlo manufactures adjustable mattresses that address specific sleep comfort needs. Verlo mattresses are sold directly to our guests and are serviced locally with a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. Founded in 1958, Verlo Mattress was acquired by Marcus Investments LLC in 2012 and is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. Verlo is a franchise system with 23 locations in Wisconsin, and more than 30 nationwide.

About Netsertive: 

Netsertive delivers multi-location marketing technology solutions that enable franchise brands and multi-location businesses to execute localized marketing at the intersection of our proprietary technology and deep hyper-local expertise. Our Multi-Location Experience Platform creates, deploys, and provides the data to efficiently manage profitable, localized marketing at scale while you focus on delivering value to your customers.

Over 1,500 retailers, franchises, auto dealers, and media companies trust our unique solution that couples our technology and team to execute localized content, advertising & insights at scale. Learn how Netsertive can enable you to deliver highly effective, localized marketing experiences at

Source: Netsertive