Nebo 2.6 Empowers Users to Take Better Notes Individually and Collaboratively - and It's Still Free

MyScript announced today the launch of Nebo 2.6 for iOS, Android, and Windows. Heralded as a game-changer for digital note-taking, Nebo 2.6 offers improved speed, accuracy, and flexibility for the perfect note-taking experience.

Nebo 2.6 is available now.

MyScript announced today that the ink is dry on their latest update to Nebo — the world’s most advanced app for professional note-taking, handwriting recognition and collaborative note-sharing. Nebo 2.6 further evolves the already award-winning app and has been well received by 5 million users around the globe. It’s the perfect tool for boosting productivity, whether working alone or in collaboration.

Designed for use with a digital pen (Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, Samsung S-Pen and similar devices) or keyboard, Nebo lets users create rich multimedia notes while offering nearly limitless options to structure and style content – from paragraphs, titles and lists to sketches, diagrams, images and even math. Powered by MyScript Interactive Ink, MyScript’s proprietary handwriting-recognition and ink-management engine, Nebo offers unparalleled note-taking accuracy in 60+ languages.

A free update for all new and existing users, Nebo 2.6 offers a variety of optimizations and performance enhancements, including:

> Multi-level lists
New gestures let users create and adjust bulleted or numbered lists with up to six levels of indentation.

> Improved indentation
Users can now indent or unindent text to enhance the structure of their notes.

> Dynamic page layout
With Nebo 2.6, users can instantly rearrange content via drag-and-drop.

> Vertical spacing
A two-finger, long-press gesture lets users add or adjust vertical spacing within their notes.

> Text display
New personalization options let users set their preferred line-height and base font size, optimizing the reading and writing experience.

“In recent months, we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in the use of Nebo’s collaboration features, which allow users to share notes with anyone around the world,” says MyScript Chief Strategy Officer Denis Manceau. “We’re proud to play a part in helping people stay productive, whether they’re working alongside each other or remotely.”

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Nebo is available now in the App Store at:

Nebo for Android devices is available via Google Play at:

Windows users can download Nebo at:

About MyScript

Since 1998, MyScript has led the field in the development of AI technology that uses handwriting as a more natural and powerful basis for human-machine interfaces.

By putting ink at the center of the digital world, MyScript’s software lets users interact with digital devices in more intuitive and versatile ways, seamlessly integrating handwriting into digital workflows.

In 2016, the company put this expertise to use creating Nebo, a note-taking app that uses the accuracy and power of MyScript Interactive Ink to boost users’ productivity.

With a truly international team and support for more than 70  languages, MyScript serves customers worldwide from its headquarters in Nantes, France, as well as regional offices in China, Japan, Korea and the U.S.

Source: MyScript


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