NBC's Click 2 Houston Inquires Upon ATA Associates' Expertise

Bob Swint's Interview Channel 2

Bob Swint was called upon by the media as an expert in a feature story they were running: Deadliest railroad crossings around Houston, interviewed by Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter.  The story aired May 3, 2017.

ATA has performed railroad accident reconstruction and has been closely involved with the railroad industry for over 45 years. While being at the forefront in the practices of railroad accident investigation and railroad accident analysis, ATA has also been heavily involved in the study of railroad safety issues. They have been focused on how improvements can be made to this critical area of public interest and have supported and developed a strong relationship with the "Operation Lifesaver" program in their work to promote accident prevention efforts.

Railroad accident investigation scenarios involving issues of line-of-sight, conspicuity, quiet zones, event recorder data analysis, signage and barriers are all areas in which ATA has expertise to support clients' accident reconstruction needs.

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ATA has over 45 years of experience in forensic engineering and accident reconstruction with a goal to deliver high quality scientific support in a cost effective manner.

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