ATA and PHARMAFLIGHT Are Partnering to Contribute to a Future with Healthier and Safer Transport Fleets


ATA and PHARMAFLIGHT have been working together to establish a medical test system and evaluation program that could be used to evaluate the health/performance capabilities of truck drivers. The intent of these efforts is to improve trucking safety and the performance of the United States trucking system. Medical tests were performed by PHARMAFLIGHT staff at ATA's Technology Center to demonstrate the ability to screen truck drivers for health and physiological indications that could affect their performance and potential safety issues. The test evaluations concentrated on fatigue, health (cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous systems), and stress. The test results were derived from and produced through the use of applied advanced technologies, a decisive improvement over previous systems that used predominately administrative methods. The test results and evaluations provided a comprehensive picture of the subject's physiological, medical and mental status. The evaluation would provide a quantitative data baseline to track the individual status and future well-being. The benefits of the established baseline and tracking system include the following:

                • Safety improvement

                • Performance improvement

                • Driver retention improvement

                • Reduced litigation risks

PHARMAFLIGHT is a Hungarian aviation-based research and development organization that has been doing human subject testing for over 30 years with over 300,000 subject tests. ATA Associates is a forensic engineering organization with 50 years of experience dealing with commercial vehicle accidents and safety issues.

Source: ATA Associates, Inc.

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