ATA Associates Announces New Aerospace and Aviation Team

Aircraft Engine Failure

ATA Associates has assembled a new Aerospace and Aviation Team of 25 experts with backgrounds in: NASA, NTSB, FAA, and FBI crash investigations; aviation dynamics and testing; terrorism; explosive analysis; human factors; pilot/aircraft controller training and evaluation; and government protocols. Leading the Aerospace and Aviation Team is ATA's CEO, Robert Swint.

Additionally, ATA Associates has partnered with Jacobs Technology to assist the private sector with use of the NASA/JSC test and analysis facilities for product evaluation. Non-destructive evaluation is available using x-rays, ultrasonic, infrared thermography and eddy current techniques. Vibration and acoustics testing can be completed using sound transmission loss, shock testing, or sine sweeps to identify resonances.

Find more information about our team at ATA Aerospace and Aviation Team.

Source: ATA Associates, Inc.