Narconon Graduate Leaves Her Demons Behind

Surviving an abusive relationship was hard, but overcoming her addiction to cocaine seemed impossible.

How one woman overcame her addiction and left her demons behind thanks to Narconon

What sets a person on the road to addiction? For Mary (she prefers not to use her real name), it was an abusive relationship. 

"I spent the last 20 years in abusive marriages," says Mary. "I was successful in business but my personal life was a disaster."

Mary stayed in her first marriage out of fear. And that was no idle concern. She ended up in the hospital several times from physical abuse. When she finally left her husband, she couldn't handle the state she was in. "I wanted to make all these emotions go away," she says.

She started using cocaine and it soon developed into what she calls a 24/7 habit. "My life was falling apart— I lost me."

Out of pride, Mary withheld what was going on from her family. "I thought — I can handle this. I can't burden them." So she isolated herself.

For a time, she somehow managed to get off the drug. And by throwing herself into her work she eventually felt strong enough for another relationship. But when that one went bad, she collapsed. "I started using drugs again," she says, and she concluded "there was a severe flaw in me. I had failed. I couldn't let anyone know I was using again. And I didn't need anyone's help — Boy was I wrong."

Mary was fortunate enough to have a family who knew her well and cared. "When the light went out of my eyes, my family noticed," she says. And when they stepped in and asked if she wanted help, she said yes.

They brought her to Narconon.

"The program is nothing like I thought it would be," says Mary. "The drug-free withdrawal was like coming home to family. They truly care about everything that you haven't cared about in a long, long time. The New Life Detoxification Program got me back in touch with my heart and feelings. I had pushed them down so far I didn't even recognize them."

She describes how she healed her memories too — the ones that would constantly throw her back into using drugs. "I have finally left my demons behind."

"The tools Narconon has given me through Life Skills courses have put me in a position of strength and power instead of fear and retreat."

By the end of her program, she'd regained something she thought she had lost forever. "To find out who I really am and who I've always been inside is such a liberating experience," she says. "I will be forever grateful for the freedom I now have to live my life in the true definition of love."

For more than 50 years, Narconon has successfully helped graduates to enjoy life 100 percent drug-free. To learn how, call 1-888-391-7310.



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