More Than Eight Million Licenses Were Granted Through the Aggregion

Aggregion technologies allow distributing licenses for different types of content

In September, more than eight million licenses for educational content were granted through the Aggregion cloud-based multi-language platform. The new distribution model has allowed boosting the total volume of transferred data to four petabytes with a tendency towards increasing this figure in the near future. Over this short period of time, Aggregion has become the world's largest project in mass distribution of content.

The platform was created by Aggregion Ltd. (UK) and supported by major vendors of software – Microsoft, and hardware – Intel, HP, Samsung, Acer and others. The innovative functionality of monitoring and controlling the distribution network and sales of electronic content that was implemented in the project is constantly being improved. Movement of content through the platform takes place in full compliance with all the license parameters. Any movement of data and content sales figures are automatically displayed in the statistical reporting for the publishers.

All the functional components of the Aggregion platform are available for full use through a number of services. They can also provide the base for developing an alternative portal with enhanced functionality. Aggregion technologies allow distributing licenses for different types of content: online websites, offline content or applications (apps). Licenses are controlled automatically even without online access.