Universal Library System: Content Now Makes More!

This universal system could be used by standalone libraries or library systems of any size.

Aggregion is launching a universal library solution to allow for the optimal management of digital content licenses and reduce unit costs. 
This universal system could be used by standalone libraries or library systems of any size, nationally or internationally. A library could also serve as an umbrella operator to which smaller libraries would connect, thus forming a network.

Aggregion’s license management system offers great flexibility based on numerous parameters users have the discretion to set any way they see fit. Thus, a copyright holder may determine the time content will be available, or set a specific schedule, or limit the allowed number of bookmarks to be used, pages viewed, etc.

By changing these settings, the copyright holder may thus create different licensing packages that could be offered at different prices. As a result, users would receive access to licensed content on terms they find most suitable to their specific preferences while the copyright holder would be able to attract a larger readership.

These services could be used either on site, at the library, or remotely, with users accessing content on the library’s site from any device, using their personal accounts. All of this would be completely in compliance with the agreements our platform has with a number of large copyright holders. 
The system will track how much content a specific account used (i.e., how long the user took to read a book) and pay the copyright holder an agreed upon amount. Funds could be debited upon completion of the service (say, when the reader stops using the library copy) or at the end or a specific period (month, quarter or year).

To gain access, a library would need to register with Aggregion and make a deposit from which any fees due would be debited. 
The library only pays for the actual volume of content used (“pay as you go”) and owes nothing for the time no content is used at all. Thus, the library’s average costs go down. This makes it possible to offer end users lower rates and thus attract larger readerships.